The Labour, Trade and Economic Development Branch at the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) acknowledges those individuals who worked on putting this resource together, both in the Ontario Public Service and in the industry.


Phil Dick and Brittney Bell, OMAFRA.


  • Chris Mollink, Rockwell Automation
  • Mariano Arrigo, EPIC Centre, Mohawk College
  • Greg Merlihan, John Van de Vegte, Stephen Morris, Rossana Perry, Spencer Cao, Erik Tran and Kathryn Longo, OMAFRA


This resource is provided as a public service. Although we endeavor to ensure that the information is as current and accurate as possible, errors do occasionally occur. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. Readers should, where possible, verify the information before acting on it.


The food manufacturers’ playbook is a game plan and roadmap for efficient food and agri-tech production and environmental efficiency. No two food businesses are exactly alike. Facilities, equipment configurations, peoples’ skills and infrastructure differ. The constant need to ensure food safety, productivity, efficiency and environmental performance stays the same. To achieve all four needs involves skills and technology adoption. It helps to have a game plan in an endless game of competing needs. This tactical guide provides a situational analysis to help guide an individualized game plan for action and identifies skills and practices that lead to achieving these needs based upon the manufacturing sequence (the playbook).

The playbook details how unplanned downtime, utility use, labour productivity, yield on inputs and the cost of waste management connect and how these variables affect one another. Managing these variables can improve margins and environmental performance. De-risking productivity, efficiency and environmental performance together is discussed throughout the playbook.