Mining Act

Government Notice–under the Mining Act Lands and/or Mining Rights to Be Forfeited for Mining Land Tax Arrears

pursuant to the provisions of the Mining Act R.S.O. 1990, Chapter M.14, Section 197, the following list of lands and mining rights in respect of which mining land tax and costs to May 31, 2019, imposed by the said Act, are two years or more in default, notice is hereby given that unless the amount due as shown (plus a $10.00 administrative fee per property) is paid on or before December 31, 2019 some or all rights and any interest may be forfeited to and vested in the Crown but shall not be open for prospecting, mining claim registration, sale or lease until published in one issue of the ontario gazette. (This is not a tax sale. The lands cannot be purchased by paying the taxes.)

Christine Kaszycki
Assistant Deputy Minister
Mines and Minerals Division
Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines
Communications regarding this matter should be directed to:
Mining Lands Revenue Clerk
3rd Floor, 933 Ramsey Lake Road
Sudbury, Ontario P3E 6B5
Telephone: 705-670-5850 or
1-888-415-9845 ext. 5850

district of algoma

township of fenwick

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
A***0640-000131346-0172(lt)PAT-53230. Lot 66 on Plan RCP H8120.23234.66

township of tarentorus

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
A***0623-000131505-0101(lt)PAT-48084. Part Lot 22 RCP H735, Part 1 on Plan 1R-119043.80049.20

district of cochrane

township of carscallen

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
C***0051-000165439-0040(lt)PAT-2506. Mining Claim P2117 (JS310)14.650189.27

township of harker

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
C***0339-000165376-0146(lt)PAT-3550. Mining Claim L99835.04265.29

township of matheson

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
C***1260-000165361-0085(lt)PAT-5356. Part broken Lot 1 Con 319.223256.81

township of ogden

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
C***1059-000165441-0123(lt)PAT-4865. Mining Claim P2768613.589176.19

township of robb

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
C***1464-000165356-0216(lt)PAT-51365. Mining Claim P650223.148299.10

district of kenora

bluffpoint lake area

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
K***0643-000142185-0884(lt)PAT-27389. Mining Claim K394323.682296.81
K***0643-000242185-0886(lt)PAT-27390. Mining Claim K394419.348242.61
K***0643-000342185-0888(lt)PAT-27391. Mining Claim K394520.603258.21
K***0643-000442185-0890(lt)PAT-27392. Mining Claim K394616.612208.20

clearwater bay area

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
K***0656-000142150-0788(lt)PAT-28166. Part Mining Claim K6565, Part 5 on Plan 23R-76974.07152.62

contact bay area

région de contact bay

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
K***0194-000142184-0013(lt)PAT-6051. Mining Location AS13 (K649)15.783204.72
K***0194-000242184-0016(lt)PAT-6052. Mining Claim K65216.187210.00
K***0194-000342184-0014(lt)PAT-6053. Mining Claim K64814.334185.94
K***0194-000442184-0015(lt)PAT-6054. Mining Claim K64616.187210.00

township of glass

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
K***0044-000842141-0308(lt)PAT-5713. Mining Claim D213 (K2462), situate SW of Bag Bay of Shoal Lake; part of PIN16.187387.96
K***0044-001642141-0308(lt)PAT-5721. Mining Location D265, land under the water of Bag Bay of Shoal Lake, W of the Lake of the Woods; part of PIN62.3221,493.68
K***0044-001742141-0308(lt)PAT-5722. SW part of Location D410 (K1269), situate near the S Shore of Bag Bay, Lake of the Woods; part of PIN19.473466.67
K***0044-001842141-0308(lt)PAT-5723. Mining Claim S74 (K2459), situate on the W shore of Bag Bay of Shoal Lake; part of PIN18.211436.43
K***0514-000242141-0214(lt)PAT-6555. Part Mining Claim K13467, not covered by the water of Shoal Lake6.02296.16

township of haycock

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
K***0259-000742126-0070(lt)PAT-6106. Mining Location 349P near Rossland Station (now Margach) on the CPR16.187294.49

shoal lake area

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
K***0044-001542141-0308(lt)PAT-5720. Mining Location D233, situate SE of Bag Bay of Shoal Lake, W of the Lake of the Woods; part of PIN16.187387.96
K***0044-002342141-0308(lt)PAT-5728. Mining Location D148 situate N of Hell Diver Bay, Shoal Lake, W of the Lake of the Woods; part of PIN18.616446.13

district of nipissing

township of strathy

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
N***0026-000149005-0057(lt)PAT-9176. Mining Location WD27193.0781,704.22

district of parry sound

township of foley

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
PS**0004-000152184-0253(lt)PAT-9294. Lot 146 Con A41.683538.74
PS**0004-000352184-0251(lt)PAT-9295. Lot A Con B; part of PIN7.28494.20
PS**0004-000452184-0251(lt)PAT-9296. Lot 146 Con B; part of PIN16.592214.41
PS**0004-000552183-0062(lt)PAT-9298. Land covered by the water of McGowan Lake between Lots 145 and 146 Con B22.662292.83
PS**0212-000152184-0252(lt)PAT-9295. Mining Claim PS1519, Lot 147 Con A38.138492.90

county of frontenac

township of barrie

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
SO**0386-000836177-0541(lt)PAT-10103. Lot 16 Con 10; part of PIN41.2787,933.49

county of hastings

township of faraday

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
SO**0010-000140069-0411(lt)PAT-9861. Part of Lot 6 Con 10, Lot 3 on Plan RCP-23140.1622.26
SO**1090-000140065-0136(lt)PAT-46520. Part Lot 15 Con 9, Parts 12 to 14 on Plan 21R-1198121.987284.25

township of wollaston

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
SO**0680-000140128-0244(lt)PAT-10264. Lot 26 Con 640.4692,459.96

district of sudbury

township of denison

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
S***0774-000773382-0367(lt)PAT-43870. Part of the N1/2 of Lot 2 Con 5, unit 2 on Plan D1392.24628.92
S***0774-000873382-0241(lt) 73382-0645(lt)PAT-43871. Part of the N1/2 of Lot 2 Con 5, units 1 and 3 on Plan D13962.301805.35

township of foy

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
S***0761-000173332-0066(lt)PAT-30186. WR5 (S5668 and S5638)30.351395.88
S***0761-000273332-0008(lt)pat-30187. wd250 (s5867)13.355174.20
S***0761-000373332-0020(lt)PAT-30188. Mining Claim S9723, part of the N part broken Lot 6 Con 37.54798.33
S***0761-000473332-0015(lt)PAT-30189. Mining Claim S9724, part broken Lot 5 Con 37.770101.30
S***0761-000573332-0017(lt)PAT-30190. Mining Claim S9728, land and land under the water of Arm Lake and Hollow Lake5.92977.34
S***0761-000673332-0036(lt)PAT-30191. Mining Location WR6 (S9732)12.545163.63
S***0761-000773332-0016(lt)PAT-30192. Mining Claim S9734, Lot 6 Con 3, land and land under the water of Ross Lake5.88876.83
S***0761-000873332-0019(lt)PAT-30193. Mining Claim S11668, part of the N part Lot 6 Con 314.832193.43
S***0761-000973332-0067(lt)PAT-30194. Mining Claim S31254, SE part of the S part Lot 7 Con 416.187211.19
S***0761-001073332-0051(lt)PAT-30195. Mining Claim S31257, SW part of the S part Lot 6 Con 414.164184.77
S***0761-001173332-0048(lt)PAT-30196. Mining Claim S34607, NE1/4 of the N1/2 Lot 7 Con 316.542215.80

township of horwood

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
S***0232-000273058-0032(lt)PAT-52015. Part Mining Claim S25425, not covered by the waters of Horwood Lake2.72435.13

township of salter

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
S***0529-000173418-0179(lt)PAT-14858. Mining Claims S77917 and S77918, S1/2 of the SE1/4, part Section 1632.375437.18

District of Thunder Bay

township of crooks

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
TB**1635-000162274-0089(lt)PAT-17534. NE part of the SW Subdivision Section 3 Con 520.234261.45

township of macgregor

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
TB**1788-000162493-0020(lt)PAT-40599. Part Mining Location 12, Francis Survey, Part 1 on Plan 55R-82410.2873.80

obonga lake area

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
TB**0361-000162504-1672(lt)PAT-16102. Mining Claim TB1065713.241171.12
TB**0361-000262504-2116(lt)PAT-16103. Mining Claim TB1065816.082207.81
TB**0361-000362504-1680(lt)PAT-16104. Mining Claim TB1065917.802230.10

district of timiskaming

township of burt

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
T***1225-000161241-0034(lt)PAT-20313. Mining Claim L15268, SW1/4 of the N1/2 Lot 1 Con 415.884205.29
T***1225-000261241-0033(lt)PAT-20314. Mining Claim L13767, SE part of the N part Lot 2 Con 416.187209.22

township of coleman

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
T***1231-000161389-0034(lt)PAT-20316. E1/2 of the NE1/4 of the N1/2 Lot 2 Con 3 as in NP33518.094148.35

township of gauthier

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
T***0304-000161226-0523(lt)PAT-18590. Mining Claim JS127 (L8871)18.089233.85
T***0304-000261226-0522(lt)PAT-18591. Mining Claim JS128 (L8870)15.945206.16
T***0304-000361226-0536(lt)PAT-18592. Part Mining Claim L898 (L35265), land and land covered with the water of the Blanche River7.997103.44

township of mcelroy

acct noPINdescriptionhectarestotal owing
T***1100-000161245-0072(lt)pat-20038. l5384 (l39843)23.634305.40


Marriage Act

certificate of permanent registration as a person authorized to solemnize marriage in Ontario have been issued to the following:

June 24, 2019 to June 30, 2019

NameLocationEffective Date
Bennett, Karen Rose-MarieScarborough, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Devereux, Danielle AnneChatham, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Everitt, Dianne ElizabethWelland, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Favarin, LuciaToronto, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Kampen, Ryan JaredDunnville, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Koeller, Cynthia RosemaryHamilton, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Kwok, PongVaughan, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Marshall, Betty LynnWendover, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Marychurch, LeviOttawa, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Murgatroyd, Laura AnnStouffville, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Orban, John WalterFitzroy Harbour, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Paonessa, GiuseppeSmithville, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Pelletier, Marianne LouiseToronto, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Rice, Matthew DouglasMountain, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Shaw, Darrel MarquisPickering, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Sheinialinaghi, Ali AlexanderThornhill, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Smith, Larry ArthurKitchener, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Spiro, SimonToronto, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Vecchio, Karen LouiseSt Thomas, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Whitford, Karen Heather MaryFergus, ON, CA27-Jun-2019


NameLocationEffective Date
Brouet, Thomas HerbertWhitby, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Haddad, David DaleElora, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Jennings, Robert JamesBrantford, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Robinson, Daniel WayneSt George Brant, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Ahokangas, Anne MargitBrantford, ON, CA26-Jun-2019
Armstrong, Randal LeonardBrantford, ON, CA26-Jun-2019
Fiddler, Morris DesmondMuskrat Dam, ON, CA26-Jun-2019
Lao, KennethOttawa, ON, CA26-Jun-2019
Dawson, Roy AndrewToronto, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Thomas, GeevergheseRichmond Hill, ON, CA28-Jun-2019

certificates of temporary registration as person authorized to solemnize marriage in Ontario have been issued to the following:

June 24, 2019 to June 30, 2019

DateNameLocationEffective Date
19-Sep-2019 to 23-Sep-2019Annett, Christopher CampbellWaterloo, ON, CA26-Jun-2019
26-Sep-2019 to 30-Sep-2019Compton, Harvey CharlesPrince Albert, SK, CA26-Jun-2019
19-Sep-2019 to 23-Sep-2019Godinho, Maria FilomenaNewmarket, ON, CA26-Jun-2019
01-Aug-2019 to 05-Aug-2019Kozma, Edward VincentPickering, ON, CA26-Jun-2019
30-Aug-2019 to 03-Sep-2019MacKenzie-Cooper, Ronda ElizabethCumberland , BC, CA26-Jun-2019
16-Jan-2020 to 20-Jan-2020Mallozzi, DavidMississauga, ON, CA26-Jun-2019
21-Aug-2019 to 25-Aug-2019Marsden, Michael JohnEdinburgh, Scotland, UK26-Jun-2019
16-Aug-2019 to 20-Aug-2019Mott, Lara NatashaCalgary, AB, CA26-Jun-2019
04-Jul-2019 to 08-Jul-2019Sundin, Robert Lewis JamesCrystal Lake, IL, USA26-Jun-2019
29-Aug-2019 to 02-Sep-2019Carl, BernardChandler, AZ, USA 

certificate of cancellation of registration as a person authorized to solemnize marriage in Ontario have been issued to the following:

June 24, 2019 to June 30, 2019

NameLocationEffective Date
Arulnesan, GabrielJaffna, , Sri Lanka24-Jun-2019
Bonneau, RogerDarien, IL, USA24-Jun-2019
Bylstra, HendrikBrampton, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Dekorte, HenryGuelph, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Dixon, Ian Robertbig pond, NS, CA24-Jun-2019
Dubry, AlvernaToronto, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Edmondson, CarlKakabeka Falls, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Fernandes, MarioParkland County, AB, CA24-Jun-2019
Fernandes, VictorVancouver, BC, CA24-Jun-2019
Girard, Gregory JDundurn, SK, CA24-Jun-2019
Grant, DonaldCayuga, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Kapteyn, JohnLondon, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Kingston, Ross APicton, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Kline, Adam AlexanderPlainfield, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Kramer, Dirk JHarriston, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Labbe, Kenneth PPalmerston, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Lopes, Humberto De Morais SolanePetawawa, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
McGuire, Stephen JohnWhitby, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
McGuire, Veronica MWhitby, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Owens, BradleyAirdrie, AB, CA24-Jun-2019
Pennings, Arie EricBrampton, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Persaud, Mitchell AndrewToronto, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Roper, Dana Anna ChristineWelland, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Royer, Daniel FernandSeeleys Bay, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Russett, Brent WilliamPerth, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Schulz, JoelBoynton Beach, FL, USA24-Jun-2019
Sheppard, Timothy AndrewYorkton, SK, CA24-Jun-2019
Van Olst, HenryGlanbrook, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Vellenga, James RobertExeter, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Waterhouse, DonaldHighland Grove, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Zekveld, AnthonyBrampton, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Zekveld, Harry GilbertStrathroy, ON, CA24-Jun-2019
Brackney, William HWallbrook , NS, CA25-Jun-2019
Cran, JulietNepean, ON, CA25-Jun-2019
Landry, RobertAmherstview, ON, CA25-Jun-2019
Morataya, PedroGloucester, ON, CA25-Jun-2019
Naylor, Paul DouglasWelland, ON, CA25-Jun-2019
Chattha, Sukhninder SinghBrampton, ON, CA26-Jun-2019
Hoecke, KevinToronto, ON, CA26-Jun-2019
Mariarajaratnam, Gnanendran Maria HolanJaffna, , Sri Lanka26-Jun-2019
Mikic, AlojzijeZagreb, , Croatia26-Jun-2019
Sharma, HanishBrampton, ON, CA26-Jun-2019
Smith, GregoryWelland, ON, CA26-Jun-2019
Tobon, Angela MMaple, ON, CA26-Jun-2019
Udall, MartinHalifaxt, NS, CA26-Jun-2019
Waddingham, Derek WayneKingston, ON, CA26-Jun-2019
Armstrong-Harris, MaeveLondon, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Berg, KennethToronto, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Drobig, April-DawnUxbridge, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Foerster, Sabrina LalithaPickering, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Gilbert, EdSarnia, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Gooderham, Gordon TBreton, AB, CA27-Jun-2019
Griggs, David EDunnville, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Gruber, DeniseKitchener, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Jones, Timothy MCaledon, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Moisan, Genevieve JKanata, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Paetzold, BernardBancroft, ON, CA27-Jun-2019
Stoll, DanielWarsaw, OH, USA27-Jun-2019

Alexandra Schmidt
Deputy Registrar General