Ministries and provincial agencies must comply with the requirements of the Open Data Directive. Reviewing and understanding the specific roles and responsibilities in the directive can help maintain compliance.

The ministry or provincial agency is responsible for implementing the directive in their organization. This plan should include accountabilities for ministry and provincial agency staff, and identify contacts for staff to obtain information, advice and direction on potential datasets from the public.


By signing the existing annual Certificate of Assurance Attestation at the end of each fiscal year, Deputy Ministers assure that their ministry and all provincial agencies are compliant with all corporate directives and policies.

Provincial agencies

As set out in the Agencies and Appointments Directive, Chairs of board-governed provincial agencies must confirm their agency’s compliance with legislation, directives, and accounting and financial policies in a letter to their minister.

Mandatory requirements of the directive will be built into the annual attestation signed by the CEOs.

The letter submitted by the Chair to the minister will be used by the Deputy Minister to provide assurance of the provincial agency’s compliance.

In addition to the annual compliance processes, TBS will conduct an annual review of ministry compliance with the directive through the performance measurement processes and review status against approved ministry plans. This review includes:

  • ministry compliance: percentage of datasets released from the OPS Inventory into the Data catalogue
  • OPS participation: percentage of eligible ministries publishing data into the Data catalogue
  • user uptake: increase in web traffic and downloads from the Data catalogue
  • overall user satisfaction with released data.

TBS will lead the coordination, consolidation and reporting of all compliance and performance measures information when reporting to the public.