The definition of live musicfootnote 7 established by the Live Music Working Group is an event at which the musical performance is the primary artistic characteristic, and at which one or more performers is compensated to:

  • sing or otherwise perform live vocals
  • perform live on instruments, from acoustic to electronic
  • manipulate pre-existing sound recordings with a creative or curatorial aim
  • to a live audience at the same location

This encompasses a broad range of venues and performance styles:

  • from bands playing live instruments to DJs and electronic musicians
  • from traditional styles to innovative and experimental styles not yet defined
  • from performances of original songs to covers of existing songs
  • from opera to musical theatre
  • from small-audience recitals to large festivals
  • from styles emerging from any cultural or ethnic group in the world to new hybrid styles developing in Ontario
  • including live music presentation that is a component of non-music events and programming


  • footnote[7] Back to paragraph Not all elements of this definition necessarily apply to the funding parameters of public programs.