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Cornwall Landfill - Cornwall

Site Profile

ECA Number:A480109
ECA Issue Date:31/05/1985
MOE Region:Eastern
MOE District:Cornwall
Certificate of Approval Issued to:The Corporation of the City of Cornwall
Site Name:Cornwall Landfill - Cornwall
Operation Status:Open
Landfill Type:Municipal
Site Location:2590 Cornwall Centre Road West, Reference Plan 277
Site Municipality:City of Cornwall
Site County/District/Region:Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry

Site Approval Conditions

Total Site Area:60 Ha
Footprint:29 Ha
Total Approved Capacity:3283000 Cubic Metres
Fill Rate:103000 Tonnes / Year
Service Area:City of Cornwall
Contaminant Attenuation Zone:
Approved Waste Types:Non-Hazardous Solid Domestic, Institutional, Commercial or Industrial; Other/Biosolids
Air Emmission Monitoring:Annual
Groundwater Monitoring:
Surface Water Monitoring:Tri-Annually
Landfill Gas Monitoring:Monthly

Engineered Features

Natural Attenuation:Yes
Cover Material:Yes
Leachate Off Site Treatment:
Leachate On Site Treatment:Yes
Landfill Gas Management (P):
Landfill Gas Management (F):Yes
Landfill Gas Management (E):
Financial Assurance:
Required to Collect Landfill Gas:Yes
Landfill Gas Collected:Yes

Most Recent Annually Reported Figures

Estimated Remaining Capacity (ERC):1068843 Cubic Metres
ERC Date Last Determined:22/11/2011
ERC Methodology:Aerial Photogrammetry
Total Waste Received (TWR):45972 Tonnes
TWR Methodology:Weighed
Last Reporting Year:2010
Updated: March 27, 2019