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On November 25th, 2023, OnLand Request Forms will be updated and enhanced to improve the customer experience.

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Key Updates to the Request Forms:

  1. Dropdown Menu and Sorting:
    • A new dropdown menu will be introduced for Document Pre-Approval Request listing acceptable pre-approved document types.
    • Added new Reasons for Change options in the Change/Correction Request Form which are sorted alphabetically for easier navigation.
  2. New Request Type:
    • Added option for Data Retention Report Request submission form.
  3. Internal Streamlining:
    • OnLand request submissions will now be directly sent to POLARIS II, our Land Registration database.
    • Email distribution will no longer be necessary with this streamlined process.
  4. Unique Request Number Prefix:
    • Each request type will have its own unique request number prefix assigned by the system upon submission:
    • Change/Correction Request: QC
    • Document Pre-Approval Request: QD
    • Override or Data Retention Report Request: QM

These unique request numbers must be used when referencing your files e.g., when corresponding with staff on a Change/Correction Request please provide the Request ID number QC12345.

Additional Details

Change/Correction Request

This form is used to request changes or corrections to a property record, by selecting the error type(s) that apply to the request. There may be more than one reason for change. Please make sure to select all reasons for change that apply to your request. 

Additional reason for change types have been added to the drop-down list.

  • Application Related Deletion
  • Description Incorrect – Error Easement
  • Description Incorrect – Error Non-Easement
  • Discharge Related Deletion (e.g., Postponement)

For refunds of paper and electronic registrations, select ‘Other’ from the Reason for Change dropdown list, and attach your refund request form (OnLand Refund Request form) or (Teraview Refund Request form).

Document Pre-Approval Request

The request form has been enhanced to provide a dropdown menu of available document types for pre-approval. Additional document types have been added to the list:  

  • Exemption of R-Plan
  • Application to Register Court Order
  • Application for Vesting Order
  • Application for Foreclosure Order

Only the document types in the dropdown list will be pre-approved. You must attach a completed, signed Document in preparation (including schedule(s), if any).

Once the document is approved a pre-approval number with a prefix of “DX” will be assigned and communicated by the staff. The Document Pre-Approval DX number must be referenced in the registered document.

Please note, if ‘Other’ is selected, the document must be complex and will be subject to discretion of land registration staff. If considered non-complex it will be rejected for pre-approval.

Override Request

To request an override for an Electronic Registration, you must attach a completed, signed document in preparation, including schedules, if any.

To request an override for electronic registration or if you have an urgent query affecting registration, you must provide details on the form. The details must include if there is a Land Registrar’s Investigation (LRI), No Dealing Indicator (NDI), frozen Property Identification Number (PIN), or any other details relevant to the request.

Please submit the request for an override well in advance of your closing date.

Override requests received between 4:30 p.m.-5:00 p.m. will be processed in order of receipt during registration hours. If your request cannot be processed within registration hours, you will be contacted.

Data Retention Report Request  

To request a Data Retention Report, provide the Land Registry Office Number and Property Identification Number.

Plan Pre-Approval Request

Please note that this functionality is currently in beta mode and is not being promoted at this time. Additional information on accessing this service will be provided later.

Status updates for Requests

Please do not submit duplicate requests. The expected turnaround time for request responses is typically 10 days, however, timing may vary for a variety of reasons. During this time, land registry office staff will review your request and either provide you with an answer or request additional evidence or clarification, if necessary. 

To keep you apprised of your request, the land registry staff will provide a status update via email on the 8th day, if your request has not processed.

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Dan Petoran
Director of Land Registration