Ania Calderon
Executive Director
Open Data Charter
1625 Clay Street
Oakland, CA 94612 USA

Dear Open Data Charter Stewards:

In line with our vision to be the most open and transparent government in Canada, I am pleased to confirm Ontario’s adoption of the International Open Data Charter (‘Charter’). The adoption of the Charter makes Ontario among the first Canadian governments to do so. This builds on the significant progress we have already made on open data, including the launch of our data catalogue, which includes a list of government datasets, of which over 570 have been opened.

Adopting the Charter helps fulfill one of Ontario’s three Open Government commitments co-created with public and civil society as part of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Subnational Pilot Program, and demonstrate progress in 2017.

Adopting the Charter supports Ontario’s Open Government Action Plan. It:

  • builds on the solid foundation of Ontario’s Data Directive, which already requires Ontario’s data to be open by default
  • provides a mechanism for inter-governmental coordination with other jurisdictions, for example through the creation of common data standards. It also encourages the establishment of specific deadlines by which progress toward implementation can be demonstrated
  • brings Ontario into an emerging body of national and subnational governments committed to sharing government data online so developers, non-profit organizations, researchers, and others can make life better for their citizens

The Treasury Board Secretariat, through its Deputy Minister, will be responsible for the implementation of the Charter, which will be operationalized through Ontario’s Open Data Directive (‘Directive’). The Directive, which came into effect in April 2016 and embodies the principles of the Charter, is attached for your reference.

Ontario’s public website ( is the primary means through which the government communicates progress on its Open Government Action Plan and the implementation of the Open Data Directive. Progress in adopting the Charter will also be shared through this website.

More information about our implementation of the International Open Data Charter, the delivery mechanisms, and the timelines can be found in the attached document titled Open Data in Ontario: Adopting the International Open Data Charter (PDF).

Should you require further information, please contact Ms. Nosa Ero-Brown, Acting Director at the Open Government Office, by telephone at +1-416-325-8929, or by email at

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Liz Sandals
President of the Treasury Board