About compliance inspectors

Compliance inspectors play a key role in ensuring the sustainability of Ontario’s Crown forest.

Their main focus is to ensure that:

  • forest operations conducted on Crown land conform to government standards, guidelines and rules
  • action is taken to correct negative impacts to the forest when they occur

Compliance inspectors inspect forest operations and submit reports to the ministry on road-building and water crossings, harvesting, renewal and tending activities.

Who is eligible

You can become a certified forest operations compliance inspector if you have any of the following:

  • a background and interest in forestry
  • experience working in the industry or with the ministry
  • a nomination from your employer because you need to  perform forest compliance inspections as part of your job

Candidates must successfully complete the Forest Operations Compliance Inspector Certification Program.

About the program

The Forest Operations Compliance Inspector Certification Program is a self-directed program that combines theory with field work.

You will:

  • work with a mentor
  • use a self-study guide to complete a series of 7 online training modules that cover access, harvest, renewal and maintenance of forests

To receive certification, you must:

  • pass the online exam with a minimum grade of 75%
  • successfully complete a mentoring program, including field work
  • be recommended for certification

If you are approved, you are certified for up to 5 years. To maintain active status, you need to participate in continuing education activities and successfully complete the online theory exam before the certification expiry date.

For further information

For further information on the certification process, please contact: