About personal support workers

As a personal support worker (PSW), you’ll make an enormous difference in the lives of long-term care residents and their families.

From helping with the activities of daily living to providing companionship and support, your work will have a direct impact on long-term care residents’ quality of life and their experience in their home.

Quick facts

  • Up to 24,000 new PSWs are needed by 2026.
  • Train in as little as 5 months.
  • Up to $25,400 in incentives available to new and current students and graduates from recognized programs since April 1, 2023.

Government incentives

Right now, Ontario is offering incentives to students and newly graduated personal support workers. You could get up to $25,400 as you start your new career.

Placement stipend for students

What it is: Up to $5,400 while you complete your clinical placement in a long-term care home or in home and community care.

How you get it: You get paid by your employer.

Your employer must submit an online request for a clinical placement stipend on your behalf through Ontario Health.

Commitment incentives for new graduates

What it is: Commit to working in a long-term care home or with a home and community care provider for 12 months you can receive $10,000, and another $10,000 if the home or provider is in a rural, remote or northern location.

How you get it: You must be a student or have graduated after April 1, 2023. Complete the PSW Expression of Interest Form on the Ontario Health website, indicating that you will commit to working in a long-term care home for 12 months. This information will be shared with potential employers. Once you are hired, you and your employer will sign an agreement and the home will submit it to Ontario Health. You will receive instalment payments at 6 months and 12 months. For the rural, remote and northern incentive, you will receive instalment payments on your first day of employment, at six months and 12 months.

If you have already signed up for the previous 6 month program, you have the option to make a commitment for another six months and receive an additional $5,000.

Get started

Once you have your high school diploma, you can get your personal support worker certificate from:

Training involves classroom learning and a clinical placement. Some certificate programs can be completed in as little as 5 months.

Students who enroll in a district school board program will have their student fees waived.

Already work in long-term care, but want to become a PSW

The Learn & Earn Accelerated Program offered by Humber College offers upskilling for existing employees at long-term care homes across Ontario to become PSWs. The program consists of full-time online coursework followed by a paid on-site clinical placement at the long-term care home where you already work. Check with your home for more information. Graduates of this program who make a commitment to work in a home for one-year are also eligible for the incentives.

Find a job

If you are already qualified, here are some places to look for your next opportunity.

Long-term care home associations

Search job ads from members of:

PSW association

Other organizations

Job openings are also posted by: