The law

Licensed trappers can sell wild furbearing mammals to be kept in captivity at certain authorized places:

  • zoos (if the zoo has a valid licence to keep furbearing mammals in captivity)
  • fur farms
  • dog train and trial areas  (only if the animal is a red fox or a coyote and the person has a valid licence to keep that species in a train and trial area)

Licensed trappers don’t need a separate permit to sell. Licensed trappers do need to follow certain conditions.

Source law

This is a summary of the provincial laws. You can find a complete set of rules related to this activity in:

  • Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1997
  • Ontario Regulations 666/98 (possess, buy or sell), 667/98 (trapping)

Rules for licensed trappers

A wild furbearing mammal you trap and sell must be:

  • taken during the open season for that animal
  • recorded as “harvested” and “sold” under the mandatory trapping harvest report
  • applied to the quota on the trapping licence (if a quota is set)

Types of wild furbearing mammals

The rules apply to these furbearing mammals:

  • beaver
  • bobcat
  • coyote
  • fisher
  • fox (Arctic, red)
  • lynx
  • marten
  • mink
  • muskrat
  • opossum
  • otter
  • raccoon
  • red squirrel
  • striped skunk
  • weasel (least, long-tailed, short-tailed or ermine)
  • wolf

Endangered/threatened species

Ontario’s Endangered Species Act protects certain animals. Different restrictions apply to these animals.

Protected species are listed on the Species at Risk in Ontario List. Please contact a local ministry office for more information about the rules.

Species at risk in Ontario list

Find an ministry district office

Who you can sell to

You can only sell a furbearing mammal to these places:

  • a zoo licensed to keep furbearing mammals in captivity
  • a fur farm
  • a dog train and trial facility licensed to keep red fox or coyotes to train hunting dogs

Bill of sale/receipt

Keep a written receipt, with the:

  • name of the person
  • name of the facility
  • licence number of the facility (if applicable)

Tips for trappers

Red fox/coyotes

You should trap within 200 kilometres of the train and trial area where they will be released to avoid potential spread of disease.

Animals in captivity

You should keep the animal in captivity no longer than 10 days to allow time transfer to the licensed facility.