Executive summary

This guide documents the step-by-step instructions for applicants, licensees, agency and site designates to use CCLS

Applicants can perform several functions in the CCLS. They can:

  • view the orientation video
  • create a profile
  • apply for licences

Once an application is submitted, applicants can:

  • check the status of an application
  • request staff director approval
  • send updates and supporting documents
  • withdraw an application

Once a licence has been issued, applicants, now called licensees, use the system to:

  • renew licences
  • report serious occurrences
  • request staff director approval
  • ask for a licence revision, if required

Before using this guide, you should have already registered for the CCLS.


If you require this information in an alternative format, please contact information.met@ontario.ca. We will:

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  • provide you with the content within 15 business days


Child care licensing system: registration guide for applicants and licensees