Service managers across the province oversee affordable housing projects in their service area. To meet local housing needs, they use federal, provincial and municipal funds to establish, administer and fund housing and homelessness programs and services. They can also provide housing directly.

Under the Housing Services Act, service managers have the authority to make specific consent decisions. These include:

When minister’s consent is required

Service managers must submit a request for consent on behalf of local housing corporations that want to opt out of the bulk natural gas or insurance programs of the Housing Services Corporation.

Minister’s consent is also required to transfer certain housing projects when either:

  • a service manager has obtained court appointment of a receiver for the housing provider, or
  • a service manager replaces members of the housing provider’s Board of Directors with new members

Before you send a request

You should consider how a proposed action will affect housing and service delivery.

As a service manager, you should evaluate your request based on how:

  • tenants will be affected by the proposal and how their interests will be protected
  • you will continue to meet service level standards per the Housing Services Act, 2011
  • you will use the money generated from a sale
  • a proposed sale will impact the overall supply of social and affordable housing
  • any potential mortgage may be affected

You should also consider how a transfer may trigger an obligation to provide the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) its net share of the gain under the Canada-Ontario Social Housing Agreement.

How to request minister’s consent

To request a minister’s consent, you must gather the required documents and send them to:

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Housing Division
777 Bay Street, 14th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M7A 2J3

Required documents

Contact information

Include the name and contact information of the:

  • service manager
  • housing provider
  • existing lender (and their mortgage loan number)


  • a council resolution approving the consent request or proof of delegated authority to a staff member
  • a resolution of the outgoing and incoming housing provider boards approving the consent request


  • a plan to maintain service level standards
  • an action plan to address potential issues of residents currently living in the units affected (for example, plan to relocate tenants)
  • a business case with detailed information on the type of housing being considered for the sale, including housing type and bedroom unit count

Mortgage documents

  • CMHC account number, if applicable
  • a draft CMHC mortgage assumption agreement, if the lender is CMHC
  • a copy of the mortgage assumption agreement from the solicitor acting for the purchaser, if the lender is a financial institution or insurance company

Other documents

  • a parcel register for each project or property
  • a draft purchase and sale agreement, including a proposal that details how any environmental issues will be mitigated
  • any surveys, reference plans, collateral agreements or shared facilities agreements
  • a copy of any court documents relating to the transaction, especially if this is a receiver driven sale or transfer

When you’ll be notified

After you send your request, you'll be notified within 7 days after the minister makes a decision.