Municipal elections and governance


Redeveloping social housing in Ontario: a provincial guide and perspective
Guide for service managers and housing providers looking to redevelop their social housing projects. Includes information about asset management, the ministerial consent process, environmental remediation, new case studies and more. Request a copy by email.

Revitalizing and refinancing social housing: how do you get there?
Guide about actions, plans and decisions that set the foundation for revitalization and refinancing initiatives. Contains examples of what housing providers, service managers and sector organizations are doing to ensure that housing assets are viable and sustainable over the long term and meeting housing needs in communities. Request a copy by email.

Consent authority of service managers
Information for service managers on the authority they have under the Housing Services Act, 2011, and how to request a minister’s consent.

Changes to the Housing Services Act, 2011
Information on regulatory changes that started to come into effect on July 1, 2022 to establish a new community housing framework under the Housing Services Act, 2011. Read an overview of these regulatory changes made in four areas:

  1. service agreements
  2. service levels
  3. access system requirements
  4. income and asset limits for rent-geared-to-income assistance

Housing data: affordable house prices and rents
Municipalities and local planning authorities can get information about affordable house prices and rents by regional market area to help them establish and implement affordable housing targets (according to Section 1.4 of the PPS, 2020).

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Canada Community-Building Fund
Learn how the funding program works in Ontario.

Local improvement charges
Discover ways municipalities and residents can work together to recover the cost of improvement projects.

Service modernization funding for small and rural communities
List of municipalities receiving a one-time investment to improve service delivery.

Municipal Disaster Recovery Assistance
Find out how to apply for financial help after a natural disaster.

Long-standing service awards
Nominate a municipally elected official with 25 or more years of service for an award from the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

Strong communities rent supplement program
This program offers funding to service managers up to 2023 and provides flexibility to deliver rent supplements based on local needs. Contact your Municipal Services Office for information.

Environmental liability for public housing properties
For information on Provincially Managed Contaminated Sites, please contact

Association of Municipalities of Ontario

Memorandum of understanding
The formal agreement between AMO and the Province sets out the roles and responsibilities in their partnership.