About coordinated service planning

If your child or youth has multiple or complex special needs, you can contact a dedicated service planning coordinator who can help:

  • connect you with the services your child needs
  • monitor your child’s needs and progress using a single coordinated service plan

By meeting with a dedicated service planning coordinator, you can expect:

  • access to a single coordinated service plan that is responsive to your child or youth’s goals, strengths and needs
  • to know who is accountable for developing and monitoring your child’s coordinated service plan so you have a clear point of contact
  • that service providers and educators are working toward the set of common goals in your child’s plan

Service delivery areas and coordinating agencies

You can find coordinated service planning services in 34 geographical service delivery areas. In each area, a coordinating agency is responsible for coordinated service planning and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) worker services.

Search the table to find the coordinating agency in your area. Visit their website to find out how to contact them and get coordinated service planning.