Emergency management in Ontario

Learn about how emergencies are managed in Ontario. Emergency Management Ontario works to keep people safe and secure by coordinating with other organizations to prepare for emergencies and respond to them, when they happen.

Emergency preparedness

Types of emergencies

Learn about different emergencies that can occur and how to be prepared.

Nuclear incident

Ontario is prepared to respond to provincial, national or international nuclear emergencies. Ontario’s nuclear reactor facilities are built with multiple safeguards.

Emergency Preparedness Week

Annual awareness campaign with tools and resources to help you plan and prepare for emergencies.

Be prepared for an emergency

Learn how you can be prepared for emergencies by making an emergency plan, assembling an emergency preparedness kit and staying informed.

Ensuring safety for all

Learn how to be prepared for an emergency to ensure the safety of children, people with disabilities, seniors and pets.

Emergency management resources

Emergency management program resources

Find resources to support emergency management planning and programming in Ontario.

Emergency response resources

Learn more about Ontario’s emergency response resources and capacity to support the province’s communities.

Emergency management careers and professional development

Learn about careers in emergency management and professional development opportunities, including training.

Emergency management glossary of terms

Use this glossary to better understand the terms used in emergency management.

Reports and publications

If you need a copy of any resource or publication, email askemo@ontario.ca.