Benefits of exporting

Increased sales and profits

Expanding into international markets gives your company a chance to increase sales and profits. Exporting may lead to higher economies of scale in production that will save costs and lead to higher profit margins.

Gain global market share

Companies can reduce dependence on existing domestic markets by expanding internationally. Exporting can also help small companies grow and become more competitive.

Stabilize market fluctuations

By expanding into foreign markets, companies are no longer held to the economic changes, consumer demands and seasonal fluctuations within the domestic economy.

Sell excess production capacity

By choosing to export excess supply, your production capacity of length of production may increase, which could lead to a decreasing average cost per unit and an increase in economies of scale.

Enhance competitiveness

Exporting in the global marketplace increases your exposure to international best practices, ideas and alternative ways of doing business, which improves your chances of competing at home and overseas.

Export services for Ontario food and beverage companies

Are you new to exporting, or are you already exporting your products from Ontario? The Government of Ontario is ready to help food, beverage and agricultural companies expand their business into new and existing markets.

Trade and investment overview

At the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), Export Marketing Officers in the Trade and Investment Unit work with Ontario companies to:

  • help them become export-ready
  • find the right resources in key and emerging markets
  • facilitate in linking targeted international buyers

This is done by providing insights on market trends, challenges and opportunities, and other regulatory, health and border considerations in export-markets.

The ministry’s trade and investment activities focus on creating export opportunities for Ontario companies in key and emerging markets such as:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom and the European Union
  • Mexico
  • key Northeastern Asian markets such as Japan, South Korea, and Greater China
  • key emerging markets in the Southeast, South Asia and the Middle East such as Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, India and GCC

Through targeted export programs, Export Marketing Officers work with Canadian Trade Commissioners and Ontario Government’s representatives in overseas embassies and consulates to help promote Ontario products to key and emerging markets.

Trade activities

Hosting incoming buyers’ missions, participating in international trade shows and offering informational seminars are just some of the ways that Ontario is helping promote export opportunities for the province’s food and beverage companies.

Trade missions and seminars

Trade missions

Trade missions bring Ontario companies face-to-face with buyers in export markets. Working with the ministry’s Export Marketing Officers, pre-qualified Ontario companies gain exposure to international markets through trade missions that are hosted as:

  • incoming buyers' missions where ministry staff bring international buyers to Ontario suppliers and engage in meetings to discuss business opportunities and view production facilities
  • outgoing missions where ministry staff set up missions in export markets and travel with Ontario suppliers to meet with key importers and distributors in these markets

Through these missions, Ontario businesses have direct access to key decision-makers, which can help establish close relationships that may also generate export sales.

International trade shows

Ministry trade and investment staff arrange for Ontario companies to exhibit at select international trade shows like the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) show in Chicago, which are key events for the food and beverage sector.

By participating at these events, Ontario businesses have inclusive opportunities to promote their products to a network of potential buyers.

These shows are also important to promoting Ontario’s agri-food sector to global markets.


Practical, hands-on seminars are delivered by ministry export staff to help new and experienced exporters. Seminars focus on helping businesses become export-ready by understanding export regulations, distribution channels and other key considerations impacting successes in export markets.

The ministry’s Program to Raise Ontario Food Investment and Trade (PROFIT) seminar is designed for those who are new to exporting to US markets. Industry speakers and key contacts provide knowledge to help organizations succeed in exporting to the US.

The ministry also regularly hosts webinars focused on international markets to help Ontario’s food and beverage manufacturers gain knowledge and information on doing business in different markets.

For a complete list of dates and times of trade missions and seminars, including PROFIT, view our calendar.

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