Know your options

If you have an infant, toddler or preschooler, choose between:

If your child is in – or ready for – school:

Search for child care

Find child care near you

After you’ve found child care options for your family:

  1. search a list to see a caregiver’s safety record
  2. select your top choices
  3. contact each caregiver to ask questions about their services
  4. get your child ready for child care

Get a list of questions in many languages

Before you choose a child care provider, ask questions about costs, health, safety, nutrition and more.

Get help paying

If your child is in a licensed child care program:

  1. find out if you qualify for an Ontario child care subsidy
  2. contact your local government to apply for a subsidy

Make a complaint

Find out how to report a concern about a child care provider in Ontario.

Unlicensed care: 1-844-516-6263
Licensed care: 1-877-510-5333