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Lake Ontario Fish Stocking Plan 2015

A stocking plan has been developed for the Canadian waters of Lake Ontario. You can view the plan (PDF) and learn more within the Environment Registry of Ontario posting.

Fishing rules

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About this zone

FMZ 20 includes the Canadian waters of Lake Ontario, the St. Lawrence River and the Lower Niagara River. This zone has:

  • Canada’s largest urban area, with a population of over 10 million people
  • important sport, commercial and aboriginal fisheries
  • a recreational fishery contributing more than $100 million a year to Ontario’s economy
  • areas of deep, cold water that support a world class salmon and trout fishery
  • the shallow, protected Bay of Quinte, well-known for walleye and bass
  • warm- and cool-water fish species like bass, northern pike, walleye, yellow perch and muskellunge in eastern Lake Ontario and the upper St. Lawrence River
  • a commercial fishery that harvests sunfish, yellow perch, lake whitefish and other fish

FMZ 20 is one of 20 fisheries management zones in the province.


Zone 20 consists of Lake Ontario including the Bay of Quinte, Niagara River, Hamilton Harbour and the St. Lawrence River.
View Fisheries Management Zone 20 map using Fish on-Line or a PDF.

FMZ 20:

  • includes the Canadian waters of Lake Ontario, the Bay of Quinte, the Niagara River below Niagara Falls, Hamilton Harbour and the St. Lawrence River
  • cities along its borders include Toronto, Hamilton, Kingston and Brockville

Legal boundary map and detail maps

Legal boundary map for FMZ 20 and detail maps 1 - 25.3 (PDF)

Monitoring reports and management plans

Zone advisory council

The FMZ 20 council provides advice during the development of fisheries objectives and strategies. Council members represent a broad range of views including:

  • angling groups
  • scientists and researchers
  • conservation groups
  • interested community members

The advisory council participates in fisheries management by:

  • sharing ideas and expertise with the ministry
  • helping to develop and implement management strategies
  • communicating with the local and angling community

For more information about the FMZ 20 council, contact the:

Lake Ontario management unit
Telephone: 613-476-3255

General fishing rules