If you have an original licence plate from the year your vehicle was manufactured, and want to use it, you need to have the plate reviewed to certify it is authentic and registered as a year of manufacture licence plate.

For example, you can attach an original plate issued in 1959 to a vehicle manufactured in 1959.


Vehicle requirements

You can attach year of manufacture plates to a vehicle if it:

  • weighs under 3,000 kg
  • is a passenger or light commercial vehicle from 1973 and earlier, or is a motorcycle from 1975 and earlier
  • is not substantially changed or modified from its original manufactured condition.

Plate requirements

The plate must be:

  • manufactured in Ontario
  • from the same year as the vehicle
  • in relatively good condition, legible, clean and unaltered

The plate will be compared to an original plate from the same year to make sure that the requested plate has the same material used, colour scheme, layout and numbering sequence.

How to apply

  • Call 416-235-2999 or 1-800-387-3445 (toll free) to confirm if the plate’s letter and number combination is available.
  • Have the plate reviewed and authenticated by sending both licence plates, the original vehicle registration permit, and payment to:

Kingston Production & Verification Services
Products and Services Office
P.O. Box 9700
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 5N2

It is recommended that you send the plates and vehicle registration via courier or registered mail. We are not responsible for plates lost or damaged in the mail.

Cost and delivery




You can pay by:

  • cheque or money order (payable to the Minister of Finance)
  • credit card (a complete Payment Authorization Form must be submitted with credit card number and expiry date)

To obtain a Payment Authorization Form please email pso@ontario.ca.


Your licence plate and documents will be reviewed within 2-4 weeks. Following the review, your licence plate will be returned to you by mail with a letter either approving or declining your request.

If declined

If your request is declined, your licence plate and documents will be returned with a letter explaining why the plate could not be authenticated.

If approved

If your request is approved, your licence plate and documents will be returned with a letter confirming the plate has been authenticated. Bring the letter and the licence plates and original registration permit to a ServiceOntario centre to complete the transaction and attach the plates.