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Government of Ontario Information & Technology Standards are the official publications on the standards, guidelines, technical reports and preferred practices adopted by the Information & Technology Standards Council under delegated authority of the Management Board of Cabinet. These publications support the Management Board Secretariat’s responsibilities for coordinating standardization of Information and Technology in the Government of Ontario. Publications that set new or revised standards provide policy guidance and administrative information for their implementation. In particular, they describe where the application of a standard is mandatory and specify any qualifications governing its implementation.

Amendment notice (September 2000)

The reader should note that this version of the Standard has been improved over the previous release by the insertion of changes, in the same manner as indicated in this paragraph.


This document sets standards for network operating systems (NOS) and desktop operating systems(DOS). NOS is defined as technology for providing file, print, directory, and application services, and other generalised services, such as those for database, in an electronic networking environment. The focus is on those services that support desktop applications, for example, messaging applications and word processing applications.

DOS is defined as technology that facilitates and manages access through the desktop to the expanding local workgroup, cluster/ministry and corporate computing and networking facilities of the government.

Implementation criteria



Related documents

GOITS 01-00 Electronic Communications and Networking - This standard provides a framework for defining standardized procedures for the interconnection of computer systems and for the exchange of information between those systems. Within this framework are the following standards:

GOITS 01-20 TCP/IP Naming and Addressing

GOITS 01-21 Novell naming and Addressing

GOITS 01-22 List of Three Letter Ministry Codes

GOITS 01-40 SMTP - Electronic Mail - This standard addresses the naming standard for Simple Mail Transport (SMTP) electronic mail (e-mail), to be used for e-mails between clusters/ ministries and to/from outside the government.

Request for Proposal RFP No: MBS/ITPB NOS/DOS - The RFP used to solicit product manufacturer proposals for NOS and DOS standards posted in August 1997.

Corporate Agreements - Various corporate agreements are in existence with product manufacturers to supply NOS/DOS and related software through suppliers at guaranteed maximum prices.


The purpose of the standards are to provide an enterprise-wide step toward gaining the significant benefits of standardizing networking and desktop technology across the OPS. This will facilitate data exchange between clusters/ministries, facilitate access to corporate applications, and reduce costs.


This standard is mandatory for all Ontario Public Service cluster/ministries and to all former Schedule l and lV provincial government agencies.


See Technical Specifications.


Government of Ontario IT Standards and Enterprise Products apply (are mandatory) for use by all clusters/ministries and to all former Schedule l and lV provincial government agencies under their present classification (Advisory, Regulatory, Adjudicative, Operational Service, Operational Enterprise, Trust or Crown Foundation) according to the current agency classification system. Additionally, this applies to any other new or existing agencies designated by Management Board of Cabinet as being subject to such publications.

Kindly refer to Agency_Establishment&Accountability-Dir.pdf for a list of provincial government agencies with their classification under the current classification system, as well as their previous Schedule under the former Schedule system.


The effective date of this standard is November 30, 1997

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GOITS 01.10 - Network Operating Systems and Desktop Operating Systems

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Technical Specification - Amended September 2000

Desktop operating systems

The government standard for desktop operating systems is Microsoft Windows 2000 Workstation as a version update from Windows NT.

Network operating systems

The government standard for network operating systems is Microsoft Windows 2000 Server as a version update from Windows NT. This applies to the network operating functions that service desktop applications in the areas of directory, file and print management.