We help you get your driver’s licence, licence plates, health card, Ontario Photo Card, birth certificate, and other vital documents and services provided by the Government of Ontario.

Consumer Protection Ontario

We help you ask the right questions when you make important decisions, like signing a contract, buying a car, starting home renovations, and more. Know the law and your rights as a consumer.

Archives of Ontario

The Archives of Ontario is the largest provincial archives in Canada, and the premier source of information about the history of the land we now call Ontario and its people. Since 1903, we’ve been collecting, preserving, and making available the documentary heritage of the province.

The Ontario Gazette

The official publication for legislative decisions, proclamations of new statutes, all regulations made under Ontario statutes, and notices that must be made public.

What we do

  • lead consumer protection, public safety and business law — promote a fair, safe and informed marketplace for consumers and business
  • provide Ontario government ministries and employees with procurement, finance and a range of enterprise business services
  • deliver user-friendly digital platforms like and the Data Catalogue — establish digital and data policies, laws and frameworks, and digital standards
  • champion inclusion and accessibility initiatives across the enterprise, support all ministries to build an even more accessible, inclusive workplace
  • promote good recordkeeping practices across the government and provide strategic leadership for freedom of information and privacy protection and information management
  • build, manage, preserve, and provide public access to the collection of Ontario’s historical records and documents
  • help individuals and businesses access government services and information
  • oversee 12 administrative authorities

Contact us

For customer service

Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery and Procurement
777 Bay Street, 5th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5B 2H7

Minister, media and news

Service standards

  • We treat clients with fairness, equality and courtesy
  • If service is disrupted, we’ll tell you why, when it will be back and if there are alternate options
  • We provide accessible services that support people with disabilities
  • Without an appointment, wait times at ServiceOntario centres are less than 20 minutes, unless we tell you otherwise
  • ServiceOntario offers 9 money-back guarantees for select online services


The ministry administers the following legislation: