Identify a scam or fraud

Learn about the common consumer scams, such as phishing scams and how to protect yourself if you are a victim.

Homes and renovations

Door-to-door sales, buying or renting a home or condo, hiring a mover, and starting a renovation.

Contracts and memberships

Signing a contract, including wireless service plans or joining a gym or modelling agency.

Icon of a generic white car.

Driving and vehicles

Buying a car, getting car repairs, or getting towed.

Icon of a shopping cart with items in it.


Shopping in-store and online, reward points, gift cards, returns, warranties, and exchanges.

Icon of a credit card and cash with a dollar sign.

Credit, loans and debt

Payday loans, credit reports, and debt collection and settlement, including repossession of property.

Icon of a tree on a hill.

Funerals and arrangements

Planning a funeral, burial, cremation or scattering and what to do if you discover a burial site.

Icon of a generic passport.

Travel and entertainment

Ticket sales, booking a trip, buying a timeshare and information on Ontario’s movie rating system.

Icon of three people - depicting a family.

Families and relationships

Dating services and getting married.

Icon of a person wearing a face mask and hat.

Identity theft

Protect yourself from identity theft, and learn what to do if you are a victim.

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Take action

File a complaint against a business or search the Consumer Beware List.

Icon of the scales of justice inside of a briefcase.

For businesses

Information to help businesses comply with consumer protection laws and avoid consumer complaints.