The Greenbelt Council is a government advisory agency. Under the Greenbelt Act, 2005, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing must appoint a Greenbelt Council.

The chair and members of the Greenbelt Council are appointed by the minister through the Public Appointments Secretariat.

The council gives the minister advice on the:


The mandate of the Greenbelt Council is to provide advice to the minister on land use planning matters related to the Greenbelt, such as:

  • land use planning within and next to the area defined as the Greenbelt by the Greenbelt Plan
  • any matters pertaining to the Greenbelt Act, 2005, or the Plan, as set out in the Greenbelt Act, 2005, including education and outreach to promote the goals of the Plan
  • possible regulations to the Greenbelt Act, 2005
  • ongoing policy or legislative issues that impact the implementation of the Plan
  • any proposed amendments to the Plan and on the 10-year review of the Plan
  • general policy matters arising from the Greenbelt that are not:
    • matters being considered by other bodies (for example, tribunals, courts, etc.)
    • site-specific issues pertaining to the Greenbelt Act, 2005, or the Plan policies and mapping
  • any other matters that the minister may specify

The council also provides advice on monitoring and reporting on the implementation of A Place to Grow: Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe and the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan as they relate to the success of the Greenbelt Plan, such as:

  • performance measures
  • the 10-year review
  • land use planning
  • public education and outreach


The Council will meet as determined by its members.

The Council meets approximately six to ten times per year.


The Greenbelt Council expense information shows approved travel, meal and hospitality expenses and per diems for the chair and council members.

Effective April 2018, the chair and council members are entitled to a per diem through Order in Council 469/2018.

The Council Chair is compensated at a rate of:

  • $350 per full day (over 3 hours)
  • $175 per half day (3 hours or less)

Council members are compensated at a rate of:

  • $200 (over 3 hours)
  • $100 (3 hours or less)

Per diems are based on meeting attendance.