Independent Forest Audits

Ontario Regulation 319/20 (Independent Forest Audits) under the Crown Forest Sustainability Act requires management units to be audited at least once every ten years. The Minister may also extend the period between audits by up to two years under certain circumstances.

Table 1. Independent Forest Audit schedule.

The following table presents the year of the most recent forest audit for each management unit in Ontario. This table includes recently-designated management units for which an audit has yet to be conducted.
Management Unit NumberManagement Unit NameYear of Last Audit
110Abitibi River Forest2017
615Algoma Forest2021
451Algonquin Park Forest2017
220Bancroft-Minden Forest2017
35Black Spruce Forest2017
406Boundary Waters Forest (new)
Note: Audit will include former Management Units (Crossroute Forest and Sapawe Forest), amalgamated in 2020
Not applicable
175Caribou Forest2019
177Dog River-Matawin Forest2022
535Dryden Forest2018
230English River Forest2020
360French-Severn Forest2021
438Gordon Cosens Forest2023
601Hearst Forest2019
350Kenogami Forest2023
644Kenora Forest2018
702Lac Seul Forest2017
815Lake Nipigon Forest2016
796Lakehead Forest2021
574Missinaibi Forest (new)
Note: Audit will include former Management Units (Martel Forest and Magpie Forest), amalgamated in 2021
Not applicable
140Mazinaw-Lanark Forest2022
390Nagagami Forest2017
754Nipissing Forest2016
680Northshore Forest2017
415Ogoki Forest2017
780Ottawa Valley Forest2018
966Pic Forest2022
421Pineland Forest2017
840Red Lake Forest2020
930Romeo Malette Forest2019
210Spanish Forest2023
889Sudbury Forest2016
898Temagami Forest2021
280Timiskaming Forest2023
120Trout Lake Forest2022
130Wabigoon Forest2020
443Wabadowgang Noopming Forest
Note: This unit was previously part of the Lake Nipigon Forest before 2021
Not applicable
490Whiskey Jack Forest2019
60White River Forest2019
994Whitefeather Forest2018

Table 2. Management Units Scheduled for Independent Forest Audit in 2024.

The following table lists management units that are scheduled for audit in 2024. On average, it is intended that 3 to 5 management units will be audited annually.
Management Unit NumberManagement Unit NameScheduled Year of Next Audit
451Algonquin Park Forest2024
574Missinaibi Forest (amalgamation of former Martel and Magpie Forests)2024
816Lake Nipigon Forest2024
443Wabadowgang Noopming Forest2024