Advantages of investing in Ontario

Ontario provides a perfect location as an efficient North American processing hub for your global food business and distribution. There are many reasons to consider investing into Ontario’s food and beverage industry.

Easy access to major markets

Ontario provides access to more than 460 million North American consumers and 40% of North American consumers live within a day’s drive of Toronto, Canada’s largest city.

Integrated transportation networks

Ontario’s efficient transportation infrastructure helps move products to markets quickly and conveniently. High-speed highways, rail and marine crossings provide access to U.S. and global markets, in addition to four international and many regional airports in the province.

Local ingredients and supply chain

More than 200 agricultural commodities are grown on Ontario's farms, providing access to locally sourced ingredients as well as a highly integrated network of producers, processes, logistics firms and food distributors for international access.

Competitive and stable marketplace

Ontario has a top-ranked business climate with sustainable and competitive energy prices, streamlined regulations and a low-risk investment climate. The business climate is enhanced through the Canada-United States-Mexico-Agreement (CUSMA), which has opened up further trade opportunities between Canada, the United States and Mexico, along with access to global markets through the Comprehensive European Trade agreement and the Comprehensive Progressive Trade Agreement.

Skilled talent pool

Ontario has the second-largest food cluster in North America, with a large talent pool of college and university graduates per year with degrees in engineering, engineering technologies/related fields or agriculture and agricultural sciences. Over 58% of adults have post-secondary education (top in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) and over 200 languages are spoken in Ontario. Employers also have access to excellent immigration programs to attract and retain global talent.

Services for investors

When deciding to build your food business in Ontario, consider reaching out to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs’ (OMAFRA) Investment Consultants, a confidential food investment resource that can connect you into Ontario’s food network and help you deliver your investment plans.

The OMAFRA team provides customized and confidential services including:

  • occupational plan information including market research, supplier identification and cost information
  • assistance with funding supports and consultant recommendations
  • site selection search services across Ontario
  • assistance with site evaluation
  • site visit coordination
  • ongoing aftercare supports including market development and business expansion from the advisory team

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