About the report

The Ipperwash Inquiry looked into the events surrounding the death of Anthony O'Brien (Dudley) George, who was shot and killed by an Ontario Provincial Police officer during a protest by First Nations representatives at Ipperwash Provincial Park in 1995. It was asked to make recommendations about avoiding violence in similar circumstances in the future.

The report provides a roadmap for new relationships between Aboriginal peoples and the Ontario Government based on respect and reconciliation.

Release date: May 31, 2007

The recommendations

Total number of recommendations: 100

Key themes of the recommendations:

  • policing of Aboriginal protests and occupations
  • relationships among federal, provincial and First Nations governments
  • the land claims process
  • sharing the benefits of resource development
  • consultation concerning Aboriginal and treaty rights
  • public awareness and education about Aboriginal peoples

The report also called on the government to create:

  • a new stand-alone Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs
  • an Ontario Aboriginal Reconciliation Fund
  • a Treaty Commission of Ontario

Status of recommendations

Most of the report’s recommendations have been carried out or are in the process of being addressed.

Achievements to date:

  • established the province’s first separate Ontario Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs
  • created the New Relationship Fund to improve Aboriginal abilities to consult on land and resource projects
  • faster responses to land claim submissions
  • agreed to transfer Ipperwash Provincial Park to the Kettle and Stony Point First Nation

The Ipperwash Inquiry Priorities and Action Committee

The provincial government made a commitment to work collaboratively with First Nations to address the recommendations of the report. Ongoing work includes:

  • exploring options for a Treaty Commission of Ontario
  • improving First Nations policing
  • protecting burial and heritage sites

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The Report of the Ipperwash Inquiry