The Long-Term Care Home Design Manual, 2015 contains the Ministry of Long-Term Care’s design standards for long-term care homes being developed or redeveloped in Ontario and outlines applicable legislation and regulations.

The design manual consists of:

  • Introduction — background information on the evolution of long-term care home design standards in Ontario
  • Part 1 — Using this Design Manual — definitions of words and terms in the Design Manual
  • Part 2 — The Design Standards — includes design objectives and design standards for long term care homes’ resident, staff and public spaces. Also includes best practices, which are suggestions for optional features that further promote quality design and care
  • Part 3 — Design Variance Standards — defined or permitted exceptions to design standards that may be applied to redevelopment projects to address physical constraints that apply to an existing long‑term care home that prevent the long‑term care home from fully meeting one or more of the design standards

The standards identified in the manual are minimum standards.


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