About Child and Parent Resource Institute (CPRI) services

The Child and Parent Resource Institute (CPRI) is directly operated by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS).

CPRI collaborates with community partners to provide trauma-informed and highly specialized services for children and youth up to age 18.

We work in partnership with community services providers to transfer clients’ individualized plans of care with recommendations from assessments and other strategies, into ongoing support from the community when they are discharged.

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Who our services are for

CPRI services are an option for children and youth who experience complex and often co-occurring combinations of developmental and mental health challenges. They may have a dual diagnosis (meaning they have been identified by a practitioner to experience both developmental and mental health challenges), have complex or multiple diagnoses, or had numerous trials of psychotropic medications without the intended benefit.

CPRI clients are at significant risk of, or have already experienced displacement from, home, school and/or their community.

Services are voluntary

All of our services are voluntary. We need informed consent from the child or youth or their substitute decision-maker where appropriate, for every part of our service.

The Health Care Consent Act (HCCA) governs determinations of capacity to consent to or refuse a treatment or ask for an alternative.

Our clinicians have lots of experience talking to children and families about our programs. They will explain:

  • the service being proposed
  • the nature of the service
  • who will be providing the service
  • the expected benefits of the service
  • the alternatives to having the service
  • the risks and side effects of the service
  • the likely consequences of not having the service
  • the limits of confidentiality, or circumstances when confidentiality is not possible

Referral forms for consultation services for agencies and professionals

Agency to Agency Community Consultation Referral Form (PDF)

This is a one-time consultation specifically designed for clinical discussion only. Agency staff can consult with CPRI’s clinical team for support, feedback, or further recommendations for a child they are currently working with. Clients and/or guardians do not attend.

Should further CPRI services be required, regular CPRI intake processes apply and a full intake package must be submitted.

Tertiary Medical Consultation Service Referral Form (PDF)

This is a one-time consultation that may require two appointments: a developmental behavioural consultation with a CPRI paediatrician or a consultation with a psychiatrist. It can also include diagnostic opinion/interdisciplinary ASD diagnostic assessment. The child or youth will be required to attend the appointment.

Referrals will only be accepted from a medical specialist (for example, paediatrician, psychiatrist, neurologist, geneticist). All recommendations are provided back to the referring specialist.

Should further CPRI services be required, regular CPRI intake processes apply and a full intake package must be submitted.

Referral forms for inpatient and outpatient services

Outpatient referral package (PDF)

When an outpatient referral is received, a clinical team works with the referent and community partners to gather information about the referral and how to best meet the needs of the child or youth being referred.

For some communities, outpatient referrals are made through the local Single Point Access agency. Please contact the CPRI intake coordination clerk at 519-858-2774 ext. 2024 for further information.

Learn more about the outpatient programs available at CPRI.

Inpatient referral form (PDF)

  • Referrals for Inpatient services should be submitted through your county’s Single Point Access Agency. Pratten 1 accepts outpatient referrals.

Learn more about inpatient services.

Submit the referral form and supporting documents

  • We recommend that you include past assessments and education information to help assess appropriate services.

All referral forms must be signed by the child or youth’s doctor. Send your completed intake package by:

Fax: 519-858-2115

CPRI, Intake Department
600 Sanatorium Rd.
London, Ontario
N6H 3W7

Download the CPRI general information brochure (PDF) that gives an overview of how to make referrals to CPRI.

Contact us if you have questions

For additional questions or comments about referrals to CPRI please email CPRI.Intake@ontario.ca or call 519-858-2774 ext. 2024.