Attendance record

Question period occurs at 10:30 a.m. from Monday to Thursday when the legislature is in session. During this time, MPPs from all three parties can ask Cabinet Ministers questions to hold them accountable for government policies.

MinisterOverall percentage attended
Bradley, Jim100.00%
Chan, Michael91.67%
Chiarelli, Bob91.67%
Coteau, Michael100.00%
Damerla, Dipika100.00%
Del Duca, Steven100.00%
Duguid, Brad100.00%
Flynn, Kevin100.00%
Gravelle, Michael100.00%
Hoskins, Eric100.00%
Hunter, Mitzie100.00%
Jaczek, Helena100.00%
Leal, Jeff91.67%
MacCharles, Tracy100.00%
Matthews, Deb100.00%
Mauro, Bill100.00%
McMeekin, Ted91.67%
Meilleur, Madeleine100.00%
Moridi, Reza100.00%
Murray, Glen R.100.00%
Naqvi, Yasir100.00%
Orazietti, David91.67%
Sandals, Liz75.00%
Sergio, Mario100.00%
Sousa, Charles75.00%
Wynne, Kathleen100.00%
Zimmer, David91.67%

The rules

By law, government Cabinet Ministers must attend at least two-thirds of Question Period on the days the provincial Parliament sits in session.

Certain absences are not counted if the reasons are justified (e.g., illness, religious holidays, international travel for economic development purposes).

Report on attendance

Each session, the Premier must prepare and publish a status report that includes the attendance record for each Minister during that session.


Ministers who miss a Question Period, for an unjustified reason, are subject to a $500 fine for each day of non-attendance. By law, the Premier is responsible for issuing penalties.

These fines are collected at the end of a session, and are added to a general revenue fund where money is redistributed to support key provincial government programs like health care and education. To date, no Minister has ever failed to attend the required number of sessions, so no fine has ever been imposed.

Source law

The Executive Council Act