GeoTours are illustrated guides that showcase geological sites, stories and significant natural destinations in communities across Northern Ontario.

We present stories from the Sudbury area, where a meteorite impact 1.85 billion years ago resulted in rich nickel-copper ore deposits that have made the Greater Sudbury area world famous. We also explore fascinating geological sites from Thunder Bay to Parry Sound and Killarney to Timmins.

Through these easy-to read, illustrated self-guided tours, you can explore fascinating geological landscapes such as:

  • cliffs
  • waterfalls
  • mines
  • canyons

You will also learn about:

  • the study of rocks, stones and how the Earth was formed
  • processes that changed the physical landscape
  • landforms produced by physical and chemical interactions between the Earth’s surface and the natural forces acting upon it

You can explore the virtual tours online. Alternatively, you can print or save the available PDFs to your mobile device and visit the sites to see them for yourself.

Greater Sudbury GeoTours

Greater Sudbury GeoTours Map

A.Y. Jackson Lookout

A.Y. Jackson Lookout at Onaping High Falls

Learn about High Falls and Greater Sudbury’s famous meteorite crater.

A.Y. Jackson Lookout GeoTour (PDF)

Copper Cliff

Copper Cliff

Take a driving tour of Greater Sudbury’s mining industry.

Copper Cliff GeoTour (PDF)

Copper Cliff Smelter Superstack

Copper Cliff Smelter Superstack

Learn about metals from minerals, managing environmental impacts and historic mining.

Copper Cliff Smelter Superstack GeoTour (PDF)

Discovery Site of Sudbury Mining Camp

Artist rendition of a meteor colliding with the earth

Discover the birthplace of a world famous mining district.

Discovery Site of Sudbury Mining Camp GeoTour (PDF)

Dynamic Earth

Dynamic Earth, Sudbury

Explore an ancient seafloor, meteorite-blasted rock, ice age sculpture and Greater Sudbury’s smelter.

Dynamic Earth GeoTour (PDF)

Jane Goodall Reclamation Trail

Jane Goodall Reclamation Trail plaque

Learn how Greater Sudbury’s Landscape was healed.

Jane Goodall Reclamation Trail Geo Tour (PDF)

Science North

Science North, Sudbury

Read about Canadian Shield rock with stories of ancient meteorite impact, faulting and glacial sculpting.

Science North GeoTour (PDF)

Northern Ontario GeoTours

Northern Ontario GeoTours Map

French River Provincial Park

French River Provincial Park

Explore a historic waterway through Canadian Shield gneiss.

French River Provincial Park GeoTour (PDF)

Heritage Silver Trail, Cobalt

Mining sculpture on the Heritage Silver Trail

Take a road tour of a historic silver mining camp.

Heritage Silver Trail, Cobalt GeoTour (PDF)



Learn about famous Canadian Shield white mountains and pink shores.

Killarney GeoTour (PDF)

Lake Superior Provincial Park

Lake Superior Provincial Park

Tour the geological shores of the world’s largest freshwater lake.

Lake Superior Provincial Park GeoTour (PDF)

Mining Heritage Tour, Kirkland Lake

Toburn Mine headframe, Kirkland Lake

Learn about a century of mining the “Mile of Gold.”

Mining Heritage Tour, Kirkland Lake GeoTour (PDF)


Ouimet Canyon, Nipigon

Take a tour of palisades and red rocks on Lake Superior’s dramatic northwest shore.

Nipigon GeoTour (PDF)

Parry Sound

Canadian Shield landscape in Killbear Provincial Park

Discover the Canadian Shield and glacier-sculpted gneiss in cottage country.

Parry Sound GeoTour (PDF)

Temiskaming Shores

Rich soils deposited on the floor of an ancient glacial lake support farming along Highway 11 north of New Liskeard

Explore flat farmland, diamonds and a rift valley in Temiskaming Shores.

Temiskaming Shores GeoTour (PDF)

Thunder Bay

Kakabeka Falls, Thunder Bay

Learn about the geology of the Lakehead region.

Thunder Bay GeoTour (PDF)


McIntyre Mine headframe in Timmins

Tour Canada’s greatest goldfields.

Timmins GeoTour (PDF)

About the authors

Northern Ontario GeoTours were created by geoscientists from: