Environmental assessment act section 9

Notice of approval to proceed with the undertaking

RE: An Environmental Assessment for the Marathon Platinum Group Metals and Copper (Palladium) Mine Project

Proponent: Generation PGM Inc.

EA File No.: EA 05-09-03

EAIMS No.: 11010

Take notice that:

Having considered the purpose of the Environmental Assessment Act, the “Report of the Joint Review Panel for the Marathon Palladium Project”, Joint Review Panel Agreement, as amended and Harmonization Order, the environmental impact statement dated June 2012 and environmental impact statement addendum dated, January 2021 and consultation with Indigenous Groups, I hereby give approval to proceed with the Project (the “Approval”), subject to the conditions set out below.


  1. The Environmental Assessment has been prepared in accordance with the Environmental Impact Statement guidelines issued by the federal Minister of the Environment on August 9, 2011.
  2. The effects of the Project were carefully assessed by the Joint Review Panel in an open and transparent process that included extensive opportunities for input and participation by Indigenous Groups, stakeholders, government agencies and the public, including a public hearing.
  3. The Joint Review Panel prepared and submitted a report, in accordance with the terms of reference set out in the Joint Review Panel Agreement dated August 9, 2011, as amended, detailing conclusions related to its assessment of the Project and recommendations to address concerns and mitigate adverse effects.
  4. I have considered the Joint Review Panel report and potential impacts of the Project on the environment and Indigenous Groups, and I am satisfied that the conditions of this Approval are necessary to implement the recommendations of the Joint Review Panel and mitigate adverse effects from the Project.
  5. I am further satisfied that giving approval to proceed with the Project is consistent with the purpose of the Environmental Assessment Act given:
    1. the socio-economic benefits of the Project;
    2. the measures to mitigate adverse environmental effects of the Project and impacts on Indigenous Groups, including the Proponent’s Commitments, the conditions of this Approval, and the proposed conditions of approval under federal environmental assessment legislation; and
    3. accommodation measures for impacted Indigenous Groups, where appropriate.


The Approval is subject to the following conditions:

Dated the 29 day of November 2022 at Toronto.

[Original Signed by]
Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks
777 Bay Street, 5th Floor
Toronto ON M7A 2J3

Approved by O.C. No.
Date O.C. Approved

Order in Council 1578/2022