Ontario’s public drug programs (OPDP) provide coverage for certain prescription drugs and other benefits for eligible Ontarians.

Benefits for eligible recipients must be prescribed by a prescriber and must be dispensed:

  • in the accredited Ontario pharmacy
  • from an Ontario physician authorized to submit claims for payment to the Ministry of Health

The Ontario Public Drug Programs At A Glance Report provides data on Ontario Public Drug Programs and consists of two companion pieces:

  • OPDP At A Glance: Snapshot Report provides quick facts about Ontario’s public drug programs
  • OPDP At A Glance: Data Report provides more in-depth, detailed data for analyses

OPDP At A Glance: Snapshot Report

OPDP At A Glance: Snapshot Report is a two-page infographic document that highlights key statistics and major milestones, including changes in policies for the most recent fiscal year.

Read the OPDP At A Glance: Fiscal Year 2019/20 Snapshot Report (PDF).

For additional information, see the OPDP At A Glance: Fiscal Year 2016/17 Snapshot Report (PDF).

OPDP At A Glance: Data Report

OPDP At A Glance: Data Report is a dynamic file consisting of interactive data tables and graphs. Users can choose from a selection of menus to customize their display of data fields, data tables and graphs. The file also provides access to the datasets that support the interactive report. These datasets are also available as CSV files below:

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