Rowan’s Law Advisory Committee Report

After Rowan Stringer’s death, a committee of medical experts, researchers and sports leaders released recommendations to help prevent concussions in the future.

The Rowan’s Law Advisory Committee suggested 21 actions for government. They include:

  • increased awareness about concussions through education for parents, coaches, athletes and teachers
  • better tools for coaches and trainers to identify concussions
  • concussion policies in place at all school boards and sports associations across Ontario
  • increased education and training for health care professionals to better treat and manage concussions

Read the Rowan’s Law Advisory Committee Report and learn more about all 21 recommendations.

Progress reports

As part of Rowan’s Law, the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport is required to prepare annual public reports about the progress made by the government in implementing all/some of the recommendations set out in the Report of the Rowan’s Law Advisory Committee.