Ontario is still open for business. That is why we are committed to helping small businesses rebuild, reinvest and create good jobs for the people of Ontario.

Our Small Business Strategy is a long-term plan for Ontario small businesses, strengthened by five pillars that will support their recovery and lay the foundation for their future growth. To keep pace with rapidly changing needs, this strategy will evolve over time. The one thing that won’t change, however, is our commitment to small business success.

Our vision is to ensure that Ontario’s smallest enterprises have what they need to remain open for business — through their recovery and beyond.

The Small Business Strategy’s five pillars for renewal and growth

Lowering costs

Reducing costly red tape, streamlining processes and putting more government services online, so small businesses can spend less time filling out forms and more time reaching their goals.

Increasing exports

Finding new opportunities for small businesses to access domestic and international markets, so they can grow and create jobs.

Accelerating technology adoption

Helping small businesses create a strong online presence — while promoting the development, adoption, and commercialization of new technologies — so they can become more competitive.

Developing talent

Improving access to talent and retention, so small businesses can grow and develop a stronger talent pool for the future.

Encouraging entrepreneurship, succession planning, and diversity

Supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs and diverse business leaders to build a stronger, more inclusive economy — one that includes greater representation from women, Indigenous peoples, people from racialized communities, and people with disabilities.