By implementing strict on-farm biosecurity protocols, pork producers can prevent PED infection in their pigs. This virus is not a risk to human health or other animals. It is not a food safety risk.

Clinical Signs

  • Sudden onset of watery diarrhea +/- vomiting in all ages of pigs
  • High mortality in piglets

If you suspect that your pigs may be infected with PED virus, contact your veterinarian immediately. He or she will provide strategies to help you to manage the disease. Be vigilant and watch for early signs of scouring.

On-Farm Biosecurity

Biosecurity procedures need to become routine business practices. Implementing strict on-farm biosecurity protocols can prevent PED from infecting your pigs.

Transportation Biosecurity

PED virus is highly infectious and can be easily spread to farms through contaminated trailers. You should ensure that only washed and disinfected trailers come on to your farm to pick up or deliver live animals.

PED Prevention at Provincial and Federal Processors

Abattoir contamination can result in the transmission of PED virus to farms from livestock trailers that have been at those facilities. Processors need to be aware of which suppliers have infected pigs so that they can take precautions to prevent their facility from becoming a source of the virus to other farms.

Euthanasia and Deadstock

While older pigs can recover from PED, the virus is fatal to nursing piglets. Producers with PED infected deadstock should work with their deadstock collector to minimize the risks of transmission or consider on-farm disposal alternatives.

For additional information on Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) and recommended biosecurity measures on the farm, please access the following:

Confirmed PED Diagnoses in Ontario

On January 22, 2014, the first case of PED in Ontario was identified. Surveillance and monitoring of swine health is ongoing.

New cases after July 14, 2015 will be posted to the Ontario Pork website.


Ontario confirmed PED diagnoses
Date ConfirmedCountyFarm Type
July 14, 2015LambtonFarrow-to-finish
July 8, 2015OxfordFarrow-to-finish
July 2, 2015LambtonFarrow-to-finish
June 4, 2015WellingtonNursery
May 13, 2015LambtonFarrow-to-finish
April 15, 2015PerthFarrow-to-feeder
March 23, 2015ElginFarrow-to-wean
March 5, 2015WaterlooFarrow-to-finish
February 20, 2015OxfordFarrow-to-finish
February 6, 2015PerthFinisher
February 5, 2015NorfolkFarrow-to-wean
January 29, 2015OxfordNursery
January 28, 2015OxfordFarrow-to-feeder
January 24, 2015LambtonFarrow-to-feeder
January 21, 2015PerthFarrow-to-finish
December 23, 2014WaterlooFarrow-to-wean
December 17, 2014WaterlooFinisher
December 8, 2014OxfordFinisher
December 2, 2014NiagaraFinisher
November 20, 2014PerthNursery
November 12, 2014MiddlesexFarrow-to-finish
July 21, 2014PerthFarrow-to-finish
June 13, 2014MiddlesexFarrow-to-finish
June 12, 2014HuronFinisher
June 9, 2014HuronFinisher
June 4, 2014MiddlesexFarrow-to-finish
April 30, 2014MiddlesexFarrow-to-finish
April 24, 2014HuronFinisher
April 24, 2014HuronNursery
April 24, 2014ElginFarrow-to-finish
April 22, 2014BruceFinisher
April 22, 2014HuronNursery
April 11, 2014HuronFarrow-to-finish
April 11, 2014LambtonFarrow-to-finish
April 10, 2014HuronFinisher
April 10, 2014HuronFinisher
April 9, 2014HuronFinisher
April 4, 2014BruceFinisher
April 4, 2014HuronFinisher
April 2, 2014BruceFinisher
April 2, 2014HuronFarrow-to-wean
March 29, 2014BruceFinisher
March 28, 2014PerthNursery
March 28, 2014ElginFarrow-to-wean
March 27, 2014BruceFinisher
March 26, 2014LambtonFinisher
March 21, 2014BrantFinisher
March 21, 2014HuronFinisher
March 21, 2014BruceFinisher
March 19, 2014HuronNursery
March 17, 2014OxfordFinisher
March 17, 2014PerthFinisher
March 17, 2014HuronFarrow-to-feeder
March 14, 2014HuronFinisher
March 14, 2014OxfordFinisher
March 11, 2014HaldimandFinisher
March 7, 2014OxfordFinisher
March 7, 2014HuronFinisher
March 7, 2014MiddlesexFinisher
March 4, 2014BruceFinisher
February 28, 2014OxfordFarrow-to-finish
February 26, 2014EssexFarrow-to-finish
February 25, 2014OxfordFarrow-to-finish
February 20, 2014Hamilton-WentworthFarrow-to-finish
February 18, 2014OxfordFarrow-to-finish
February 18, 2014PerthFarrow-to-wean
February 18, 2014OxfordFarrow-to-finish
February 18, 2014OxfordFarrow-to-finish
February 14, 2014Leeds-GrenvilleFarrow-to-finish
February 14, 2014NiagaraFarrow-to-finish
February 13, 2014PerthWean-to-finish
February 12, 2014OxfordFarrow-to-finish
February 11, 2014LambtonWean-to-finish
February 9, 2014ElginFarrow-to-finish
February 9, 2014NiagaraFarrow-to-finish
February 6, 2014PerthFarrow-to-finish
February 5, 2014WellingtonFarrow-to-finish
February 5, 2014PerthFarrow-to-finish
February 4, 2014ElginFarrow-to-finish
January 31, 2014SimcoeWean-to-finish
January 27, 2014NorfolkFarrow-to-finish
January 27, 2014Chatham-KentWean-to-finish
January 25, 2014Chatham-KentWean-to-finish
January 22, 2014MiddlesexFarrow-to-finish

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