The MedsCheck program is a one-to-one consultation between pharmacists and eligible patients for approximately 20–30 minutes once each year to help patients:

  • comply with their prescription medications
  • better understand how the medications interact with each other and other over-the-counter medications they may be taking

A patient is eligible for the program if they:

  • have a chronic condition and taking 3 or more prescription medications for their condition
  • are living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes

Some patients may qualify for a MedsCheck follow-up appointment depending on their need and whether they meet program criteria.

Community pharmacists will:

  • arrange an appointment with the patient
  • review their medications
  • prepare a medication list
  • meet one-on-one with the patient
  • provide the required signed and dated medication review and submit a claim for payment

MedsCheck patient self-assessment brochure

The MedsCheck patient brochure can be used to help engage the patient as it outlines specific questions for patients to help with their self-assessment and decision to participate in a MedsCheck service.

Professional pharmacy services

As outlined in the Professional Pharmacy Services Guidebook, the MedsCheck program aims to be a standardized approach for pharmacists to help with:

  • assessing a patient’s ability to administer their medications
  • appropriateness of the medication and dosing intervals
  • potential interactions, side effects, drug allergies and contraindications
  • communication with the primary care provider or health care professionals to resolve potential drug therapy problems that are identified using the guidelines outlined in the Pharmaceutical Opinion Program

The Guidebook also includes information on the Pharmacy Smoking Cessation Program for Ontario Drug Benefit recipients who want to quit smoking as part of the Ontario Government’s support to quit smoking.

Pharmacists may also refer to the Ontario Drug Programs Reference Manual for information.

Professional pharmacy services questions and answers for pharmacists

Find general questions and answers about the MedsCheck program, Pharmaceutical Opinions and the Pharmacy Smoking Cessation Program.


Select on the form title to access the Central Forms Repository where the electronic MedsCheck form is available. You can open the form, fill it in on your screen and print it, or save a blank copy of the form to your computer.

Note that sample templates for the Smoking Cessation Program are located in the Ontario Drug Programs Reference Manual.

Forms include:

Contact us

For inquiries on the MedsCheck claims process, pharmacies may contact the Ontario Drug Benefit Program Help Desk at 1-800-668-6641.

For information on MedsCheck and other Professional Pharmacy Program criteria please email: