Investing in highway infrastructure

We invest billions of dollars every year to expand and improve the provincial highway network, creating jobs and connecting people and places across Ontario.

Ontario’s highway programs include every expansion and rehabilitation project underway or planned for the next four years.

Learn about Ontario’s priority highway expansion projects in our regional transportation plans:

Highway maintenance

We maintain 16,900 kilometres of provincial highways and about 2,800 bridges year-round.

We oversee winter maintenance work completed in 26 contract areas across the province. Learn more about how highways are cleared in winter.

Bridge repairs

We are a leader in North America in bridge safety and our laws require frequent and detailed inspections. Each of Ontario’s 2,800 provincial-owned bridges undergo general maintenance inspections at least twice a year and detailed inspections every two years.

Inspectors are trained engineers and technicians who rigorously examine each bridge to ensure they remain safe for travel.

Connecting Links

Every year, municipalities can apply for provincial funding to repair designated roads and bridges that connect two ends of a provincial highway through a community or to a border crossing.

The Connecting Links program funds up to 90% of eligible project costs, to a maximum of:

  • $3 million for road projects
  • $5 million for bridge projects

Apply for funding online through the Transfer Payment Ontario portal.

Learn more about the Connecting Links program.

See a list of this year’s recipients.

Best practices and guidance

We are a global leader in the transportation sector. We are constantly developing new technologies and best practices to make our highway network safer, more sustainable and more efficient.

Learn more about the guidance and resources we have for transportation planners including:

  • economic cost-benefit analysis advice
  • freight guidelines
  • drainage and hydrology resources
  • Road Talk newsletter
  • technical publications and research

Highway corridor management


  • have a role in the land development review process
  • issue permits for construction activities on or near provincial highways

Learn more about highway corridor management resources and online services and find out why you should consult with us early on in the planning process.

Report suspected fraud by highway construction companies and consultants

Construction companies and engineering consultants who receive government contracts must follow specific terms and conditions. Please report if you suspect fraudulent or illegal activity by a highway contractor or consultant.

This could include:

  • switching or tampering with test samples to misrepresent product quality
  • falsifying results of quality control tests
  • misrepresenting goods or services delivered to reduce costs or increase profit
  • misrepresenting how much construction material was actually used on a project
  • submitting inflated invoices on a project
  • bid rigging or collusion in the preparation of contract bids

Reporting process

To report suspected fraud or illegal activity by a highway contractor or consultant:

The tip line is only for matters related to construction fraud on provincial highways.

Find out how to contact us for other inquiries.

Once you submit a report, the Internal Audit team will decide whether action is required.

If action is required, we will:

  1. pursue sanctions against the contractor or consultant including restricting their ability to receive future contracts
  2. contact the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) for further investigation and possible criminal prosecution
  3. send you an email to let you know if your report has been sent to the OPP for further investigation (if you include your email address with your report)

If we determine that no inappropriate activity occurred, we will:

  1. keep a record of your report on file for 75 years, in accordance with the Government of Ontario Records Schedule Requirements
  2. send you an email to let you know the outcome of our investigation (if you include your email address with your report)