Economic cost benefit analysis

An economic cost benefit analysis (ECBA) is a way to compare the economic merits of transportation infrastructure proposals. We often ask for an economic cost benefit analysis with proposals for transportation infrastructure projects.

We can provide technical advice and guidance for completing an ECBA, including providing a copy of our ECBA guidance, which is based on international best-practices, with a specific focus on Ontario's unique transportation system.

To request a copy of the ECBA guide, email the Economics and Methodologies office at

Freight supportive guidelines

We have detailed guidelines to help urban planners, municipal engineers, developers and others better understand and plan for the vehicles that transport goods through our communities. These guidelines can help you:

  • plan for available land
  • design sites
  • manage municipal transportation networks

The guidelines include best practices and implementation strategies for rural and urban communities. They draw on past experiences in Ontario, North America and around the world.

Read Ontario’s Freight Supportive Guidelines (PDF).

Transit supportive guidelines

These guidelines help urban planners, transit planners, developers and others create an environment that supports public transit and promotes transit ridership.

Transit-Supportive Guidelines are based on transit-friendly land-use planning, urban design and operational best-practices. The guidelines draw from experiences in Ontario, North America and around the world.

Read Ontario’s Transit Supportive Guidelines.


Road Talk newsletter

Road Talk is a technology transfer newsletter for transportation stakeholders, global road authorities, industry, academia, and others.

It includes articles about the Ministry of Transportation’s highway research and innovation activities, as well as innovative operational policy and standards.

Road Talk is distributed electronically provincially, nationally, and internationally. It is developed by the Division Services Office of the Transportation Infrastructure Management Division, in collaboration with researchers and technical staff.

To subscribe to Road Talk, send an email to:

New issue: Vol. 28, no 3: Summer 2023 (PDF)

Recent issues

Vol. 28, no 2: Spring 2023 (PDF)

Vol 28, no 1: Winter 2023 (PDF)

Vol. 27, no 1: Spring 2022 (PDF)

Vol 26, no 1: Fall 2021 (PDF)

To access Road Talk’s historical publications on the MTO Library, follow this link: Ontario Ministry of Transportation Library.

Transit technology toolkit

The Transit Technology Toolkit is a guide to help small and medium-sized municipalities, transit systems and Indigenous communities navigate the emerging landscape of transit technologies and determine which ones may be a good fit. It includes tips on procurement, administration and maintenance.

Read the Transit Technology Toolkit

Highway corridor management


  • have a role in the land development review process
  • issue permits for construction activities on or near provincial highways

Learn more about highway corridor management resources and online services and find out why you should consult with us early on in the planning process.

Drainage and hydrology

There are drainage and hydrology information and resources available to support transportation planners with:

  • design and construction of highway drainage infrastructure
  • highway corridor control
  • highway maintenance

Search precipitation information using the Intensity-Density-Frequency (IDF) curve tool.

Visit the MTO technical publications site for:

  • Highway drainage design standards 
  • MTO gravity pipe design guidelines: circular culverts and storm sewers
  • Drainage directives
  • Municipal drains - outlet liability assessment factors for MTO highway rights of way
  • Guide for preparing hydrology reports for water crossings
  • Stormwater management requirements for land development proposals
  • MTO drainage management manual (DMM)
  • Glossary


Research and technical documents

MTO online library

Find technical information and research on our online library catalogue including:

  • technical manuals
  • standards, policy and development reports
  • studies
  • research papers

You can also buy print copies online. If you would like to borrow from the physical collection, contact your local library to arrange for an Inter-Library Loan.

To request a document or information in an alternate format or for more information about the library please email

Technical publications

The Ministry of Transportation also has technical publications used for the design, construction and maintenance of our transportation network such as:

  • specifications
  • special provisions
  • manuals
  • guidelines
  • directives
  • forms