Ministry overview


The Office of the Premier is dedicated to building a better province for all the people of Ontario, by providing high-quality services in the most efficient manner.

Ministry Contribution to Priorities and Results

  • Coordinate and facilitate all government activities in support of government key commitments to invest in the talent and skills of Ontarians, invest in modern infrastructure, create a dynamic and innovative business culture and strengthen retirement security in Ontario.
  • Transform Government to Serve Ontarians Better
  • Strong Fiscal Management and Budget Balance by 2017-18
  • Open, Effective and Accountable Government
  • Demonstrating National Leadership

Ministry Programs and Activities

The Office of the Premier coordinates and facilitates the government’s mandate and associated initiatives, and all programs are integral to the successful implementation of government priorities.

Programs include all activities in the following areas:

  • Executive Offices: Premier’s Office, Office of the Chief of Staff, Office of the Principal Secretary
  • Policy: Policy Advice and Support, Legislative Agenda Planning, Cabinet/Committee Agenda Planning
  • Communications: Communication Services, Media Relations, Strategic Communications, Other Related Services
  • Issues Management: Coordination of Legislative Affairs, Freedom of Information Requests
  • Operations: Scheduling, Correspondence, Tour & Events
  • Planning and Administration: Public Appointment Secretariat and Human Resources

Government Multi-Year Priority Outcomes

The Office of the Premier facilitates the government’s mandate and associated initiatives in collaboration with all ministries in order to achieve all multi-year priority outcomes:

  • supportive and dynamic business environment
  • reduced poverty, inequality and exclusion
  • modernized infrastructure and transportation networks
  • increased talent and skills among Ontarians
  • improved retirement security
  • a healthier population
  • leader on environmental sustainability and climate change mitigation
  • strengthened public safety and security

Office of the Premier 2015-16 Allocation ($2.7 million)

In 2015-2016, the Office of the Premier was allocated an operating budget of $2.7 million.

Table 1: Ministry Planned Expenditures 2015-16

Expense typeAmount
Operating$2.7 million
Total$2.7 million

Highlights of 2014-15 achievements

Key results achieved are documented and tracked across government in ministry specific plans.

Detailed financial information

Table 2: Operating summary by vote

The Office of the Premier provides staff support for the Premier of Ontario in her roles and head of the Executive Council and head of the Ontario Government.

Votes/ProgramsEstimates 2015-2016Change from Estimates 2014-2015Change from Estimates 2014-2015Estimates 2014-2015footnote 1Interim Actuals 2014-2015footnote 1Actuals 2013-2014footnote 1
Operating Expense – Office of the Premier$2,597,100N/AN/A$2,597,100$2,516,021$2,450,162
Less: Special WarrantsN/A($1,771,200)(100.0%)$1,771,200N/AN/A
Total Operative Expense to be Voted$2,597,100$1,771,200195.2%$879,900$2,516,021$2,450,162
Special WarrantsN/A($1,771,200)(100.0%)$1,771,200N/AN/A
Statutory Appropriations$105,861N/AN/A$105,861$105,861$105,861
Ministry Total Operating Expense$2,702,961N/AN/A$2,702,961$2,621,882$2,555,920

Table 3: Ministry interim actual expenditures 2014-15

Expense typeMinistry Interim Actual Expenditures 2014-15footnote 2
Operating$2.62 million
Staff Strength footnote 3 (as of March 31, 2015)61