Ministry Overview

Ministry’s Vision

The Office of the Premier provides a leadership role to ministries and government to support people, families, businesses and workers across the province.

Ministry Programs

The Office of the Premier coordinates and facilitates the government’s mandate and associated initiatives, and all programs are integral to the successful implementation of government priorities.

Programs include activities in the following areas:

  • executive Offices: Premier’s Office and Office of the Chief of Staff
  • issues Management and Legislative Affairs: Coordination of Legislative Affairs, Freedom of Information Requests
  • policy: Policy Advice and Support, Legislative Agenda Planning, Cabinet/Committee Agenda Planning
  • communications: Strategic Communication Services, Media Relations and other related services
  • administration and operations: Public Appointments, Human Resources and Tour

COVID-19 response

The government’s primary focus is on protecting the health and well-being of individuals and families, supporting frontline health care workers, essential workers and businesses, and providing immediate support to protect people and jobs.

In addition to immediate resources to respond to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID‐19) pandemic, the government is:

  • making additional investments in critical programs, supplies and services
  • ensuring support programs are in place for people and businesses engaging with the federal government, provinces and territories on measures related to COVID-19

The government is also developing a plan to stimulate economic growth and job creation, while maintaining health and safety. That includes:

  • providing resources and supports for businesses and workers in the workplace
  • developing a framework for reopening the province

2020-21 Strategic plan

The government will respond swiftly and effectively to the global COVID-19 pandemic by working with partners and other levels of government to ensure the necessary resources are in place to protect the health of the people and economy in the province through:

  • providing certainty to hospitals, schools, municipalities and other partners for the year to come
  • increasing resources for the health care system and direct support for people and jobs to respond to COVID‐19
  • partnering with businesses and other sectors to lead Ontario’s economic recovery
  • taking actions to protect jobs and ensure long‐term economic growth
Table 1: Ministry Planned Expenditures 2020-21 ($M)
COVID-19 approvalsN/A
Other operating2.4

Detailed Financial Information

The Office of the Premier personnel provide essential support for the Premier of Ontario in their roles as head of the Executive Council and head of the Ontario Government.

Table 2: Combined Operating and Capital Summary by Vote
Vote/ProgramsEstimates 2020-21Change from Estimates 2019-20%Estimates 2019-20 footnote 1Interim Actuals 2019-20footnote 1Actuals 2018-19footnote 1
Operating Expense
Capital Expense
Office of the Premier$2,326,800N/AN/A$2,326,800$2,326,800$2,322,278
Less: Special WarrantsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Total Operating Expense to be Voted$2,326,800N/AN/A$2,326,800$2,326,800$2,322,278
Special WarrantsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Statutory Appropriations$105,861N/AN/A$105,861$105,861$100,572
Ministry Total Operating Expense$2,432,661N/AN/A$2,432,661$2,432,661$2,422,850
Consolidation Adjustment - General Real Estate PortfolioN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A($244,854)
Total Including Consolidation and Other Adjustments$2,432,661N/AN/A$2,432,661$2,432,661$2,177,996
Consolidation Adjustment - General Real Estate PortfolioN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A$7,530
Total Including Consolidation and Other AdjustmentsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A$7,530
Ministry Total Operating and Capital Including Consolidation and Other Adjustments (not including Assets)$2,432,661N/AN/A$2,432,661$2,432,661$2,185,526

Historic Trend Table

Ministry Total Operating and Capital Including Consolidation and Other Adjustments (not including Assets)
Actuals 2017-18 footnote 2Change %Actuals 2018-19footnote 2Change %Estimates 2019-20footnote 2Change %Estimates 2020-21Change %


Annual report

Key results achieved are documented and tracked across government in ministry specific plans.

Table 3: Ministry Interim Actual Expenditures 2019-20 ($Mfootnote 3
COVID-19 ApprovalsN/A
Other Operating2.4
Staff Strength footnote 4 (as of March 31, 2020)61.0