Who can register documents

You must be authorized by the Director of Land Registration to register electronic documents in the Electronic Land Registration System.

You must meet certain standards and criteria, including providing proof of:

  • identity
  • financial resources
  • good character/accountability

Limiting authorization to individuals who meet the standards strengthens the security and integrity of the system and helps to protect consumers.

You do not need to complete the authorization process, if you are a Teraview Account Holder who uses the system only to search titles through that account.

Account holders versus licensed users

Only Teraview Account Holders must complete the authorization process.

Other people using the electronic registration system in your office, known as "users", must have a Personal Security Licence (PSL) issued by Teranet, before they can register a document.

They do not, however, need to apply for authorization from the Director of Land Registration.

Teraview Account Holders are responsible for ensuring that all people using their account to register electronic documents are doing so in accordance with relevant laws.

Listing users

You must list:

  • users of the system in your office, if they are regulated professionals such as lawyers
  • they are not users of the system, but are directly responsible for supervising non-professionals who use the account

Please inform Teranet of any additions or deletions to your list of users, as soon as possible.

Freelance conveyancer

Category D, even if you are a Teraview Account Holder who was retained by lawyers to prepare and/or register documents on their behalf.

The category is determined by the nature of the Teraview Account Holder.

If you wish to continue to have the ability to prepare/register documents, you must complete the application process. Please allow enough time to arrange for evidence of financial resources, if you do not already have such documentation.

If you require search-only access, you do not need to apply for authorization but still require a Teraview account.

How to apply

Online land registry services
Land registration services, including self-service options, are only accessible online.

Please visit the ONLAND application to complete your transactions.


To apply, email your request for authorization to: ELRSAuthorization@ontario.ca

Please read the Land Registration Application Guide (PDF) to see what you will need:

  • scan all required identification and supporting documents (health cards and Law Society memberships are not accepted), in colour
  • the completed application form(s)
  • the completed Registration Agreement


If you are unable to apply by email for authorization, you may submit your application by mail:

Electronic Land Registration System Authorization
4th Floor
20 Dundas Street West
Toronto Ontario M5G 2C2


Call ServiceOntario at 416-314-3138 or 1-866-262-8135 to discuss options.


It is free to complete the authorization process.

Corporate documents

If you are applying for authorization as a corporation (under the Business Corporations Act of Ontario or Canada, known as Category D), you must produce one of following documents as proof of incorporation:

  • Letters Patent
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Articles of Amalgamation
  • Articles of Continuance
  • Articles of Amendment, if any apply

These documents must be either stamped as Certified by the government, or be accompanied by a Certificate of Incorporation, etc. They must be either notarial copies, or the government-issued originals.

True copies or photocopies alone are not accepted.

For Category B Professional Corporations, in addition to the items above, an original or notarial copy of the Certificate of Authorization must be provided.

For Category A financial institutions only, a Certificate of Status or Certificate of Compliance will be accepted in lieu of the documents required above.

All documents will be kept securely on file. You will receive a copy of the signed Registration Agreement, if authorization is granted.

Processing times

In office

Approximately 15 minutes (if your application is complete and includes all required documents).

Processing time also depends on client volume, when you apply. Appointments in advance are recommended.


Within 1 week of submission (if your application is complete and includes all required documents).

Completed application packages are sent to head office in Toronto for processing.

Personal information and privacy

Two pieces of identification are required to guard against identity theft, which is a common factor in real estate fraud.

Completed application packages will be sent to the land registration system head office in Toronto, from each Land Registry Office on a daily basis, by secure courier.

In Toronto, the documentation and information you submit will be kept on file in a secure area accessible only by the Director of Land Registration and the staff appointed to process your applications.

Paper copies will be kept in a locked area, and any information stored electronically will be password protected in a file available only to the appointed processing staff.

Renew an authorization

In most cases, you must renew an authorization after 5 years.

You will be assigned an expiry date when the Director signs the Registration Agreement.

You will also receive notification of your upcoming renewal several months in advance of your expiry date. You must file your application for renewal at least 30 days prior to your expiry date, to allow for sufficient time to process it.