About our research

The ministry conducts and supports scientific research to better understand renewable energy project’s effects and benefits.

Renewable energy research projects relate to:

  • species at risk
  • coastal engineering
  • bird and bat migration
  • bat habitats
  • development of a bird and bat monitoring database
  • fish and fish habitat

The ministry works collaboratively with science partners from Ontario, other provinces, the federal government and the United States. Our goal is to increase our knowledge to better inform the development of renewable energy projects in Ontario.

Wind Energy Bird and Bat Monitoring Database

The database is an initiative between the ministry, Bird Studies Canada, Environment Canada and the Canadian Wind Energy Association. The database stores bird and bat monitoring data from operating wind power projects located in Ontario and across Canada.

The information can be used to study bird and bat mortality patterns associated with wind power projects. This helps to inform guidelines and policy, support an adaptive management approach and provide public information.

The database also contains annual summaries of Ontario’s wind turbine-related bird and bat mortality. The summaries represent the current state of wind-wildlife knowledge, based on data collected in Ontario and across Canada.

Wind Energy Bird and Bat Monitoring Database reports

Research available upon request

To get a copy of these research documents, contact renewable energy research

Fish Passage Considerations for Developing Small Hydroelectric Sites and Improving Existing Water Control Structures in Ontario (Katopodis Ecohydraulics Ltd., May 2013)
This report includes an assessment of design options and construction methodologies. It also analyzes the construction and operational costs associated with various fish-way designs and fish passage strategies.
Economic Impact of Waterpower Projects on Crown Lands in Ontario (AECOM, April 2012)
This report examines the combined potential economic impact of 41 proposed waterpower projects at a local, regional and provincial scale.
Economic Impact of the Greenwich Wind Farm (Crupi Consulting Group, June 2012)
This report evaluates the quantitative and qualitative economic impact of this 99-megawatt Crown land-based facility on the local township, region and province.
Offshore Wind Power Coastal Engineering Report – Synthesis of Current Knowledge and Coastal Engineering Study Recommendations (Baird and Associates Coastal Engineers Ltd. and Beacon Environmental, May 2011)
This ministry-commissioned report investigates the scientific and technical issues associated with potential offshore wind power development on the Great Lakes.
The Potential Effects of Offshore Wind Power Projects on Fish and Fish Habitat in the Great Lakes, Aquatic Research Series 2011-01 (Nienhuis, S., and Dunlop, E.S., 2011, MNR, 76 pp)
An assessment based on existing marine literature and knowledge of Great Lakes ecosystems. This report investigates the potential effects of offshore wind power projects on Great Lakes fish and their habitat.
Offshore Wind Power Projects in the Great Lakes: Background Information and Science Considerations for Fish and Fish Habitat, Aquatic Research Series 2011-02 (Nienhuis, S., and Dunlop, E.S., 2011, MNR, 122 pp)
This report describes ways to prevent the negative effects from offshore wind energy production. It also investigates the ways to enhance potentianl benefits within a Great Lakes context.