Starting in April 2022, Children’s Treatment Centres across the province, and Surrey Place in Toronto, will set up new SmartStart Hubs to connect families with child development services. By the end of 2022, families across the province will be able to go to the SmartStart Hub in their community when they have a concern about their child’s development or day-to-day functioning to get support in determining next steps.

SmartStart Hubs are an entry point to children’s special needs services that support the early identification of children’s and families’ strengths, goals and needs, and help children and families get the help they need sooner.

SmartStart Hubs will not be the only way to access children’s services, nor do families have to go through the Hub to access other programs and services.


SmartStart Hubs serve children and youth living in Ontario from birth until the age of 19, or up to age 21 if they are in school.

The SmartStart Hubs program guidelines establish what services the SmartStart Hubs will deliver, and how Children’s Treatment Centres and Surrey Place in Toronto will deliver a consistent and streamlined service experience for families.

Read the SmartStart Hubs guidelines