A topographic map is a detailed, accurate graphic representation of features that appear on the Earth's surface, including:

  • human-made (such as roads and railways, provincial and national parks, place names, municipal and township boundaries, lots and concessions)
  • natural (such as lakes and rivers, falls, rapids and rocks, wooded areas, wetlands)

How to make a topographic map

The ministry has a web map application that you can use to make a topographic map of any area of Ontario that interests you. Like other web map applications, you can:

  • zoom in and out
  • find places
  • turn satellite imagery on or off
  • add your own text
  • print the map you make

Make a topographic map now

To find out more about how this web map was created and how current the data is, please view the metadata record.

How to order topographic data

To download the data contained in the topographic map application, please visit the Ontario GeoHub.