Signs on Ontario’s roadways make it easier for tourists to find local attractions and services.

They help travellers feel welcome, safe and comfortable. More tourists in our communities help stimulate the local economy.

The Tourism-Oriented Directional Signing (TODS) program:

  • places signs on Ontario’s roadways for motorists to find tourist attractions, operations and services
  • increases awareness of Ontario’s tourism attractions, operations and services located off provincial highways
  • enhances traffic control through “advanced warning of turns” signs
  • promotes and strengthens tourism in Ontario on a province-wide basis

Canadian TODS Limited

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport and the Ministry of Transportation supervise the delivery and maintenance of TODS by a third-party company — Canadian TODS Limited.

Canadian TODS Limited works with specific businesses interested in placing a sign on the highway directing motorists to their attraction or service.

Canadian TODS Limited is responsible for operating, managing, maintaining and financing the province-wide TODS program.


Businesses that are eligible to apply are tourism-oriented businesses that provide tourism activities or services to motorists.

This includes many accommodation properties, tourist attractions, area profile themes and approved permanent tourist routes.

The types of businesses eligible for the program include (but are not limited to):

  • accommodations
  • golf courses
  • campgrounds
  • tourism-designated outlet malls (since 2015)
  • regional/local travel information centres (since 2015)
  • conservation areas
  • natural sites and trails
  • historical sites
  • museums
  • water theme parks
  • zoos and animal displays
  • spas
  • public beaches
  • rural downtowns

How to apply

For information on how to apply, contact Canadian TODS Limited:

Logo program

The logo sign program places signs on Ontario’s 400-series highways to help motorists find essential services like:

  • food
  • fuel
  • accommodations (with over 15 units)

Logo is a program supervised by the Ministry of Transportation. Canadian TODS Limited is responsible for operating, managing, maintaining and financing the Logo program.

For more information about the Logo program, contact Canadian TODS Limited:

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