Government employees, elected officials and others engaged in work for the government can claim — and be reimbursed for — necessary travel, meal and hospitality expenses, during the course of ordinary work. They need to follow strict rules, outlining what can be repaid with public funds and what maximum amounts can be claimed.

Expense rules are in place for the following groups:

  • anyone working in a government ministry
  • consultants and contractors to government
  • elected officials and their staff (e.g. Cabinet Ministers, Leaders of Opposition and political staff who work for those elected officials)
  • employees at provincial agencies (e.g. LCBO, Metrolinx)
  • employees at designated broader public sector organizations (e.g. colleges and universities, school boards, hospitals)
  • employees and appointees in Ontario Power Generation and the  Independent Electricity System Operator)

The specific rules governing expenses depend on the group an individual belongs to.

Rules, laws and directives on expenses

For government employees, consultants and contractors to government, provincial agencies, and the hydro organizations:

For designated broader public sector organizations (e.g. colleges and universities, school boards, hospitals):

For Cabinet Ministers, Leaders of Opposition, Parliamentary Assistants and their staff:

View travel expense information

Search government expense information (Cabinet Ministers, Parliamentary Assistants, their respective staff, and senior government officials)

Expense information for Opposition Leaders and their respective staff will be posted on a website designated by the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. This link will be posted here when it is available.

View expense information for provincial agencies

View expense information for the two hydro organizations:

Independent Electricity System Operator

Ontario Power Generation Inc.