Treasury Board Support Program - vote 3404

The Treasury Board Support Program provides leadership and advisory services that support evidence-based decision making, prudent financial management and transparent public reporting across the public sector in Ontario. The program also provides leadership to ministries and provincial agencies through the delivery of strategic enterprise-wide policies, directives and advice designed to promote excellence in public service, including leading and supporting the review of Ontario’s provincial agencies.

The program fosters accountability and fiscal integrity by providing expertise and advice on the development and implementation of fiscal, financial management, performance measurement and infrastructure frameworks. The program ensures the appropriate use of public resources to meet government priorities by supporting Treasury Board/Management Board of Cabinet and providing advice on ministries' annual multi-year plans, the management of in-year expenditures and the design of programs. In addition, the program assists the President of the Treasury Board, Deputy Minister and Secretary of the Treasury Board/Management Board of Cabinet and the government with public reporting on plans and results through, for example, the Expenditure Estimates. The program also provides the Ontario Public Service and broader public sector with accountability and oversight advice.

Vote summary

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 Operating expense    

Contingency fund

 Total operating expense to be voted$3,988,388,200$4,549,102,400$1,075,000,000-
 Total operating expense$3,988,388,200$4,549,102,400$1,075,000,000-

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 Operating expense 

Contingency fund


Other transactions

 Total operating expense to be voted$3,988,388,200
 Total operating expense for Treasury Board Support Program$3,988,388,200
 Total operating expense for Treasury Board Secretariat$3,988,388,200