Volunteer Corps Ontario harnesses the goodwill and civic pride of Ontarians by pooling volunteers to help their communities during emergencies like natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic. The portal is looking to recruit volunteers who represent the richness and diversity of Ontario.

The portal will support emergency volunteer response efforts by partnering with:

This initiative will ensure we are better prepared and quick to respond when the next emergency strikes a community, region, or the entire province.

Register to volunteer

Eligibility criteria

You can volunteer if you are:

  • a resident of Ontario
  • 16 years or older
  • willing to complete a Criminal Records Check, provided free by the program
  • willing to complete the required free, foundational online training

Criminal record check

  • All registrants must agree to complete a Criminal Record Check as part of their registration. Criminal Records Checks will be provided free of charge.


  • Through Volunteer Corps Ontario, you will receive free, online training on the foundational knowledge needed to confidently provide support in an emergency. This training will be mandatory for all volunteers and must be completed before a volunteer is deployed to assist in an emergency.
  • As training requirements are developed and become available online, volunteers will be notified via email to complete each training module.


  • Volunteers who indicate that they have professional or other certifications may be required to produce evidence of these credentials to partner organizations when requested.

Create your account

To register to volunteer, you must:

  1. create an account
  2. complete your profile
  3. complete the criminal record check
  4. complete training

Creating an account allows ministries and authorized third-party users to view your profile as they search for volunteers to support their emergency response efforts.

Once your account is set up, you can change your preferences at any time. If you wish for your account to be deactivated, please email volunteercorps@ontario.ca.

Coordination with emergency response efforts

When an emergency occurs in Ontario, the municipality or First Nation where the emergency occurs is responsible for responding to the situation.

If they need specific or additional resources, they can engage with partners across the emergency management sector for assistance to respond to urgent and arising needs.

If needed, Emergency Management Ontario (EMO), through the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre (PEOC) coordinates provincial support to communities during an emergency.

Through Volunteer Corps Ontario, volunteers will be available to support organizations that oversee emergency response operations and fill a variety of roles depending on the needs created by the emergency to which they are deployed. Some examples of volunteer roles include:

  • General Volunteers: volunteers willing to complete a variety of tasks that don’t require specialized training or skills. This role may include welcoming people to emergency shelters or stocking emergency supplies.
  • Lead Volunteers: volunteers with leadership skills or experience who can support other volunteers. This role may include assisting with supervising and scheduling volunteers.
  • Skilled Volunteers: volunteers with specialized certifications or designations who can bring specific skills to a unique emergency situation. This role may include First Aid skills or transporting equipment.

Collection and disclosure of personal information

The personal information requested in your user profile or application will be collected by the Ministry of Citizenship and Multiculturalism and is necessary for the proper administration of Volunteer Corps Ontario as authorized by sections 5.1(1) and 6(1) of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA).

The Ministry of Citizenship and Multiculturalism collects, uses and discloses the personal information requested in your user profile or application to evaluate your suitability as a potential Ontario emergency volunteer for deployment by an Ontario ministry, community or authorized third parties in the event of an emergency as defined by the EMCPA.

This information will be maintained in a secure database and will be searchable and viewable by:

  • emergency management staff in all ministries
  • staff in emergency management roles in municipalities
  • authorized third-party organizations responsible for the management of an emergency

Additional personal information may be required if you are considered for deployment. Personal information may also be collected by the organization(s) or from your references. This additional information is only used to evaluate your suitability for deployment and verify the veracity of the information you provided. By providing this information, you consent to being contacted to volunteer in an emergency or to maintain the accuracy of the information provided.

This information will not be disclosed except as required for the above-noted purposes or as required by law.

Any questions about the collection, use or disclosure of personal information requested on this form should be directed to the Provincial Emergency Volunteer Unit at 416-725-2634 or by email at volunteercorps@ontario.ca.