If you are a woman who is considered low income, you may be eligible for pre-employment, pre-apprenticeship and entrepreneurship training through the Women’s Economic Security Program (WESP). The training will help equip you with the skills, knowledge and experience to improve your economic security. If you are interested in applying to a WESP training program, please contact one of the organizations listed below to determine your eligibility.

There is training in four streams:

All programs include additional supports so you can focus on participating in the training programs. Supports may include:

  • food throughout the training day, and/or access to a food bank
  • transportation to and from the training program
  • support in finding child care
  • referral to mental health and wellbeing supports, counselling, housing and legal support

Some projects also provide specialized programming and supports if you’ve experienced intimate partner violence or are at risk gender-based violence. Learn about intimate partner violence and how to get help.

Women in skilled trades

There is a great need for workers in the skilled trades and many jobs in the trades are high-paying and can offer long-term economic opportunities.

If you’re interested in exploring a career in the skilled trades, you can find women in skilled trades training programs at:

Entrepreneurship for women's self-employment

You can find entrepreneurship training programs for women’s self-employment at:

Women in information technology

You can find a Women in Information Technology training program at:

General employment training for women

If you are interested in employment training, you can find courses and programs at the following institutions and organizations: