Hunting and fishing

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  • Fishing

    Get a fishing licence How to get your first Outdoors Card and buy a fishing licence tag. Ontario residents Canadian residents Non-residents of Canada New to fishing? Find out what you need before you go. Renew, replace or update an Outdoors Card How to re
  • Hunting

    Get a hunting licence How to get your first Outdoors Card, and buy a hunting licence tag. Ontario residents Non-residents RCMP, military and diplomatic personnel New to hunting? Find out what you need before you go. Apply to a big game draw How to apply t
  • Outdoors Card

    An Outdoors Card is required to obtain a fishing or hunting licence. It accompanies your Ontario fishing or hunting licence tag. The Outdoors Card is valid for 3 calendar years and is used for identification and administrative purposes.
  • Hunting licences

    To hunt in Ontario you need a hunting version of the Outdoors Card and the applicable licence tags or licences.
  • Fishing licences

    To fish in Ontario, you need an Outdoors Card and a valid fishing licence tag, or a temporary fishing licence and Outdoors Card Application.